Confinement Centre in Kuching, Sarawak

Good news for mummy-to-be in Kuching. Instead of having headache to look for the right confinement lady to take care of you and your little one during your confinement month, you can now book and check-in at the 2 confinement centre in Kuching.

These 2 confinement centres are:

Tulip Mama House Confinement Centre

Address: Jalan Kempas, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak
Contact Number: 019-846 5888
Facebook Page: Yes

Mama Paradise Confinement Care

Address: Lot 11408, no.314-b,lorong 26, jalan hup kee lorong 26, Kuching, Malaysia 93250
Contact Number: 013-886 8580
Facebook Page: Yes

Do check their Facebook pages or call the contact numbers above for more information on the packages available. I think the rooms are quite limited so do make your booking as early as possible.

I remember my confinement lady shared that she prefer not to take confinement job during Chinese New Year. Because she also wish to spend time with her family during Chinese New Year. Also, I have heard that there will be additional charges for confinement service during Chinese New Year. My confinement lady also shared that, if she is on confinement assignment during Chinese New Year, she will take a few days off starting from Chinese New Year eve and back to work on the 3rd or 4th day of Chinese New Year. So, with confinement centre, you do not need to worry about no one taking care of your confinement needs during Chinese New Year.

I would love to share my personal views on having confinement at confinement centre. Some of the advantages as below:

  1. More personal time with our own self after the pregnancy and delivery
  2. More privacy and able to rest better with less things to consider and less distraction
  3. Both baby and mummy in good hands
  4. No need to worry about confinement lady run away or quarrel with confinement lady
  5. No headache to buy confinement month needs for both mummy and baby (bath care, confinement food, body care). This will also save your money.
  6. No additional things need to prepare for confinement lady – additional bed, room, daily needs
  7. Able to share advice and mix around with other new mummies
  8. Avoid ‘family crisis’ during confinement month

To be fair, I would also share my view on having confinement at own home as below:

  1. Family member especially new father can join in the joy of having a new born 24/7. He also can learn to care for baby at an earlier stage
  2. At your own home, you will have everything you needs
  3. Other family members can join in to care for new born
  4. Friends and relatives can visit whenever they wish
  5. Order your own favorite confinement meals
  6. Confinement lady can also cook for new father. This is true for my case because my hubby only know how to cook instant noodle and fried eggs. It also depends on confinement lady because not all willing to take care of other family member as she’s paid to take care of new mummy and baby.
  7. Confinement lady fully taking care of one mummy and her baby only, no need to share attention with other mummies and babies
  8. Convenient for the father to send the mummy and baby for follow up at clinic

I hope my sharing here on confinement centre in Kuching will be able to provide alternative for mummies-to-be for her confinement month. If you had experience at these confinement centres, feel free to share your view at the comment column below.

If you still prefer to have a confinement lady to take care of you and your baby during your confinement, please drop a message below or send an email to me. I have 2 confinement ladies whom I can refer. The first one is my own confinement lady who took care of me and my baby in June 2016. The other is a friend whom I know and she has experience with confinement at Australia. I can tell, she is very experience and friendly too.

photo credit: tsbl2000 Lottie via photopin (license)

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5 Must-Read Personal Finance Books of 2018

Let’s face it. Some people are great when it comes to managing personal finances, while some are not. Don’t get disheartened, all you need is proper guidance – a book on personal finance maybe?

Check out some of the best personal finance books of 2018 that can inspire you to manage your finances efficiently.

1. The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley & William D. Danko

If you are new to personal financing and want to understand the nuances of it, this is the book for you. Easy to comprehend and decipher, The Millionaire Next Door talks about the best practices of personal finance. Backed by facts and extensive research, the book goes deep inside into the world of millionaires and points out the ups and downs in managing finances.

2. Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

This one’s a pure classic. Informative and to the point, Kiyosaki’s book accounts for an introspective read. The author pens down his personal experiences with his own father – a highly educated, but financially drained man, and his friend’s father – a school dropout who went on to become one of the richest man in Hawaii. Kiyosaki’s approach to managing finances is unique, fresh, and inspiring to the boot.

3. I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi

One of the most inspiring books on personal finance, I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Rami Sethi is comprehensive enough to help you set your financial goals straight. The book illustrates a 6-week personal finance programme to master the art of personal finance management, but with little effort.

4. The Investment Answer by Daniel Goldie and Gordon Murray

Concise and easy-to-comprehend, this book revolves around a few important decisions that an investor has to make. Lauded by reviewers for its short, yet detailed approach, The Investment Answer can be an eye-opener for many young investors.

5. The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey

In this book, the author, Dave Ramsey is the quintessential guide who takes you through various tips on how to get rid of debts. From shrugging off credit card debts to breaking your overspending habits, The Total Money Makeover lets you take a better look into your own life. A must-have in your shelf for sure!

Have you read any of these books yet? Are there any other personal finance books that have inspired you? Feel free to share you view in the comments section below.

photo credit: aaamsss book & beach via photopin (license)

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EPF@KWSP – EPF Declares 6.9% Dividend For 2017

On 10 Feb 2018, EPF@KWSP declares 6.9% dividend for conventional savings for year 2017, and 6.4% for shariah savings. A few days before the official announcement of these dividend rates, there are some posting and sharing on the internet that EPF@KWSP member can expect a very good dividend rates for 2017. This is the highest dividend rates in 20 years (since 1997). For me, this is the highest dividend rates I’ve received from EPF@KWSP because I only joined the work force and started my EPF in 2000. The dividend rates for 2016 was 5.7%. For the dividend rates since inception in 1952, you can click here.

Personally, I think many of Malaysian are very happy with these dividend rates because it does affect our retirement planning. With high cost of livings and increasing inflation rates, this good news does help in increasing the amount of savings in our EPF@KWSP accounts.

On 10 Feb 2018, I logged in to my i-Akaun and the 2017 dividend already credited to my account. I had some difficulty to access to EPF website but after a few trial I managed to log in successfully.  I guess many other EPF@KWSP members also trying to access to their i-Akaun to check on their latest EPF@KWSP latest statement.

Thanks to EPF@KWSP team for this good news. We hope to see continuous excellent results for the years to come.

photo credit: Leo Reynolds KUMPULAN WANG SIMPANAN PEKERJA via photopin (license)

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How To Apply Credit Card Online in Malaysia?

Credit card is now a crucial and important financial tool, which is among the ‘must have’ in our purse. I believe most of us have more than 1 credit cards. If you are looking for a new or additional credit cards, you can apply credit card online. Nowadays, it is now so much easier and convenient to apply for credit card online in Malaysia. Gone were those days where you need to walk in to the local bank premise, get a queue ticket number and wait patiently for your number to be called. Instead of wasting your precious time and resources, now you can apply credit cards online – anytime of the day and at your own convenient.

A quick check on Public Bank Online, Maybank Online and CIMB Online shows that, to apply for credit card online, you just need to fill in their credit card online application forms and attached with required document such as:

  1. NRIC (front and back);
  2. latest salary slip;
  3. latest form BE;
  4. EPF@KWSP statement

Different bank might have different additional requirement for supporting documents. So, just follow the instructions and requirement accordingly.

Usually it will take a few working days for processing of the credit cards. You can choose to collect the credit card from selected branch office or to have the credit card to be delivered to your premise. Once you received the credit card, you just need to follow the instruction to activate it, then you can start to use the credit cards.

For the best credit card deals,  feel free to check it out at With you can easily browse through all the available credit cards in Malaysia, compare the charges and benefits and select the best credit card that suit to your financial needs. And with, you not only can compare these credit cards, but you can also apply these credit cards online.

As a reminder, I would like to advise all credit card owner to be smart and use credit card as a financial tools and not to misuse the credit card facilities by spending your future money.

photo credit: wuestenigel Wallet with Cards On a White Background via photopin (license)

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Make Money Online: Involve Asia Publisher referral program

Involve Asia Website

Have you heard of Involve Asia? Involve Asia is a portal that connect advertisers to publishers through advertising solutions. It gives publishers opportunities to earn commission through products recommendation and review. For example, you are a subscriber of a local telco A and you find that their service is up to your expectation. If telco A is also an advertiser at Involve Asia, you can promote telco A to your friends and family through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Wechat, Whatapps and other social networks. You can also  promote telco A through your website or blog.

As a publisher, you will get to select from a list of hundreds of brands and products to promote and share to your friends, family and your followers. The sign up process is easy. Just fill in your application here. Once your application is approved by Involve Asia team, you can chose your favorite product or service and start sharing through social medias. For every successful sales made, Involve Asia will pay you a commission. You will get to track and monitor your performance report too.

Involve Asia has local office in Malaysia as below:

Unit 3A-7, Level 3A,
Menara MBMR,
No.1 Jalan Syed Putra,
58000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +(603) 2276 4233

With Involve Asia, you only need a small effort to make money online while promoting the brands you loved. It is a win win situation – you provide a solution by recommending a good products or service for others and in return you get some commission from it. Why not, right?

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Prudential PRUaccess plus: How To Register and Log In

Prudential PRUaccess plus portal

It is digital world nowadays. Most thing will slowly move to paperless. I strongly support this as this is also good for our Mother Earth and environmentally friendly. So, in March this year, when I received an SMS notification from Prudential that my 2016 statement is now available through their portal, I quickly register for it. If you’re wondering how to register for PRUaccess plus, just visit Prudential PRUaccess plus here. Basically you will need your policy number for registration.

What I love about PRUaccess plus is almost all of the information on my policy is there. This includes:

  • Policy Details
  • Premium and Payment Details
  • Claims Details
  • Sales Channel Information
  • Product and Marketing Information

PRUaccess plus also provides online services as below:

  • Pay life insurance premium
  • Update contact details
  • View and download life policy insurance annual statements
  • View and download life policy insurance document
  • View PRUlink funds report
  • Change personal security profile (password, security phrase & colour)

Before I register for PRUaccess plus, I used to call or message my Prudential advisor for my PRUlink funds report. But now, I can easily get my PRUlink funds report within a few click.

To log in to PRUaccess plus, please visit PRUaccess website here.

So, get your PRUaccess now. Support paperless. Go green. Create a better place for our next generation. Most importantly, it makes your life much more convenient.


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