I am a Manulife PRS investor and I am also a Manulife Unit Trust investor (Previously under MAAKL Mutual). At first I find it hard to look for Manulife PRS investor log in and Manulife Unit Trust investor log in. After quick research, it is now much easier for me to locate both Manulife PRS and Manulife Unit Trust log in.

If you find it hard to for Manulife PRS investor or Manulife Unit Trust Investor log in, please follow the link below:

  1. Manulife PRS investor log in  (Username: NRIC without dash – XXXXXXXXXXXX)
  2. Manulife Unit Trust investor log (User ID: NRIC with dash – XXXXXX-XX-XXXX)

Alternatively, you may go direct to Manulife Asset Management main page here. Please allow some time for the header to appear, then you will be able to see ‘Log In’ tab (the right most). When you click at ‘Log In’ tab, you will see a few drop down including ‘Investor login’ and ‘PRS for member’.

Hope the above helps!