I have always wanted to learn on how to trade on stock market but I find that trading on stock market is too high risk for me. I had registered for a trading account before but I never use it. The thought to invest my hard earned money in stock market does not sound good to me. I don’t believe in following the trends or speculation or tips to invest in stock market because I have a strong feeling that I won’t be able to make profit from it and instead, I might lose all my investment. I just can’t trust these information.

Spiking app – Android version

When I first read about Spiking,  I got curious and I did some research and then download their mobile app. Spiking is a first financial-technology trading app to help the normal trader to trade like a professional traders as they buy and sell shares on the stock market. As a new user I got 3 days free trial. The first thing I did was searching for the portfolio of some of those successful investors that I know. Among them are Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Li Ka-Shing, Jack Ma and some local investors such as Dato’ Seri Mohamed Nazir bin Tun Abdul Razak, Tan Sri Quek Leng Chan and Ananda Krishnan. Once I was at at their profile, I can see which group they belong to (whether Millionaires, Billionaires or Blue Whale), their portfolio shares and value, and most important their latest activities – whether they increased shares or reduced shares of certain stock. I find that knowing the activities by these successful investor is comforting and providing some kind of assurance on which stock to invest or to let go if I would to start my stock investment.


This smart and intelligent app is using crowdsourcing technology to gather publicly-listed information from stock exchange in real time and making these financial information available instantly on mobile user. With this, many believe that Spiking allows investor to make faster and better investment decision.

Currently, Spiking provide financial information from six stock markets, namely Singapore Exchange (SGX), BursaMalaysia (MYX), Hong Kong Exchange (HKEX), Nasdaq, NYSE and NYSE American.

Spiking is a free-for-download app, available on both iOS and Android. To have access to Spiking’s latest verified stock market data, user can choose from their subscription plan as below:

  • RM64.90 per month
  • RM549.90 per year

Do download the app and try if for free for 3 days.

For more information on Spiking, feel free to visit https://spiking.com.