Do you know that you can pay your PTPTN study loan by using JomPAY? If you have never heard of JomPAY before, it is a National initiative to help businesses collect payments from customers at a lower cost. For customers and end users, it saves a lot of time and money when they choose to pay their utilities through JomPay.

So, how you can pay your PTPTN using JomPAY? First you must have online banking. Because JomPAY is connected to your online banking. There is no need for you to register with JomPAY for a JomPAY account because once you log-in to your online banking, you will be able to see JomPAY, mostly under payment menu. I would say it is a ‘middle person’ who helps us to collect and consolidate our payment.

Why you should choose JomPAY to pay your PTPTN instead of other methods is mainly because it is free of charge. Previously, I used to make my PTPTN repayment using my Public Bank online banking by deducting the payment from my saving account. The charges is RM1 per transaction. So, to save the transaction fee, usually I make my payment in advance. Means that, I make my PTPTN repayment quarterly instead of monthly. Now, a check from PTPTN website reveals that the charges for Public Bank online is RM1.06, inclusive of 6% GST.

Now, how to make PTPTN repayment through JomPAY? It is easy and simple as below:

  1. For any payment through JomPAY, you need to have the 3 details (Biller Code, Ref-1 and Ref-2). You can easily get these 3 details here. You just need to key in your NRIC number without dash ‘-‘ (XXXXXXXXXXXX). Then, you will be able to see these 3 details. Each PTPTN borrower details is unique. Make sure you only use your details for your payment. If wrong details is entered, the payment will not be reflected in your PTPTN statement.
  2. Log in to your online  banking. Based on PTPTN JomPAY website, all 42 banks in Malaysia has JomPAY for their online banking. Look for JomPAY menu.
  3. Key in the 3 details (Biller Code, Ref-1 and Ref-2). Make sure you double check and key in the correct details.
  4. Choose to pay from which account: saving account, current account or credit cards
  5. Key in the amount you wish to pay.
  6. Complete the transaction.
  7. Don’t forget to save the details as Favourites, so that you will no need to enter these 3 information again in your next payment.

Get yourself familiar with JomPAY. Foresee in near future, most of us in Malaysia will use JomPAY as a payment channel as it save cost and no transaction fees involved.

Finally, let’s do our part of a good citizen by paying our PTPTN study loan on time. Let’s avoid to be listed in the PTPTN black list.