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Confinement Centre in Kuching, Sarawak

Good news for mummy-to-be in Kuching. Instead of having headache to look for the right confinement lady to take care of you and your little one during your confinement month, you can now book and check-in at the 2 confinement centre in Kuching.

These 2 confinement centres are:

Tulip Mama House Confinement Centre

Address: Jalan Kempas, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak
Contact Number: 019-846 5888
Facebook Page: Yes

Mama Paradise Confinement Care

Address: Lot 11408, no.314-b,lorong 26, jalan hup kee lorong 26, Kuching, Malaysia 93250
Contact Number: 013-886 8580
Facebook Page: Yes

Do check their Facebook pages or call the contact numbers above for more information on the packages available. I think the rooms are quite limited so do make your booking as early as possible.

I remember my confinement lady shared that she prefer not to take confinement job during Chinese New Year. Because she also wish to spend time with her family during Chinese New Year. Also, I have heard that there will be additional charges for confinement service during Chinese New Year. My confinement lady also shared that, if she is on confinement assignment during Chinese New Year, she will take a few days off starting from Chinese New Year eve and back to work on the 3rd or 4th day of Chinese New Year. So, with confinement centre, you do not need to worry about no one taking care of your confinement needs during Chinese New Year.

I would love to share my personal views on having confinement at confinement centre. Some of the advantages as below:

  1. More personal time with our own self after the pregnancy and delivery
  2. More privacy and able to rest better with less things to consider and less distraction
  3. Both baby and mummy in good hands
  4. No need to worry about confinement lady run away or quarrel with confinement lady
  5. No headache to buy confinement month needs for both mummy and baby (bath care, confinement food, body care). This will also save your money.
  6. No additional things need to prepare for confinement lady – additional bed, room, daily needs
  7. Able to share advice and mix around with other new mummies
  8. Avoid ‘family crisis’ during confinement month

To be fair, I would also share my view on having confinement at own home as below:

  1. Family member especially new father can join in the joy of having a new born 24/7. He also can learn to care for baby at an earlier stage
  2. At your own home, you will have everything you needs
  3. Other family members can join in to care for new born
  4. Friends and relatives can visit whenever they wish
  5. Order your own favorite confinement meals
  6. Confinement lady can also cook for new father. This is true for my case because my hubby only know how to cook instant noodle and fried eggs. It also depends on confinement lady because not all willing to take care of other family member as she’s paid to take care of new mummy and baby.
  7. Confinement lady fully taking care of one mummy and her baby only, no need to share attention with other mummies and babies
  8. Convenient for the father to send the mummy and baby for follow up at clinic

I hope my sharing here on confinement centre in Kuching will be able to provide alternative for mummies-to-be for her confinement month. If you had experience at these confinement centres, feel free to share your view at the comment column below.

If you still prefer to have a confinement lady to take care of you and your baby during your confinement, please drop a message below or send an email to me. I have 2 confinement ladies whom I can refer. The first one is my own confinement lady who took care of me and my baby in June 2016. The other is a friend whom I know and she has experience with confinement at Australia. I can tell, she is very experience and friendly too.

photo credit: tsbl2000 Lottie via photopin (license)

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