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How To Check if You Are Blacklisted by PTPTN?

Are you a PTPTN borrower? Have you graduated? If your answer is ‘Yes’ for both questions, my next question would be ‘Have you start paying your PTPTN study loan?’ I hope your answer is ‘Yes’ too. Else, you might get blacklisted by PTPTN. And if you get blacklisted by PTPTN, your name will be under Travel Blacklist too, which means that you are not allowed to travel outside of Malaysia. 

Imagine you and your family had been preparing for the dream winter vacation in Hokkaido, Japan. While at the International Departure immigration clearing gate, you steadily handed in your NRIC and passport but then you received the shock of your life when the officer tells you that your name is blacklisted and you are not allowed to leave the country. You got angry, frustrated, ashamed, devastated.. You can have all the feeling but it is useless because you will need to make arrangement to settle your PTPTN study loan.

To avoid this from happening, you must check with  PTPTN if you are under PTPTN blacklist. There are 4 ways to check if you are under PTPTN blacklist:

Just enter your 12 digit NRIC numbers (without dash). If you see the status is ‘Tiada Halangan’ (No restriction), it means you are not barred from leaving the country. 

3) Call PTPTN Careline at 03-21933000 (operation hour: Mon-Sun, 8am-10pm)

4) Visit to your nearest PTPTN office or Immigration Department office. Also notice that there is PTPTN office at KLIA2 (operation hour: Mon-Sun, 24hours). 

If you suspect your name is under PTPTN blacklist, I suggest it is best to call PTPTN Careline or walk in to your nearest PTPTN office. Of course, the best would be start paying your PTPTN study loan. If you are not able to do so, talk and find a solution with PTPTN officer. Be a responsible rakyat!

photo credit: quinn.anya Student debt ruined me! via photopin (license)

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It Is Time To Pay Your PTPTN Study Loan

One of the hot news in local newspapers this week is Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN) had to reduce the total financing starting 1 November this year due to limited funds. And the related news is that these limited funds was caused by a huge number of graduates did not start to pay their study loan as agreed. In my opinion, it is really unfair for students enrolling for public and private institution of higher learning been punished for what these PTPTN loan defaulters had done.

To those who had never made any PTPTN loan repayment, it is time for you to start to make your first payment. Take the first step to make the payment. If you have difficulty, contact PTPTN directly. In the  PTPTN agreement, you had agreed to settle the study loan right? So, since PTPTN had helped you to have your diploma or degree or PhD, it is time for your to pay back to PTPTN and to the society.

I am sure you have younger siblings, or your niece/nephew/cousins, your extended family’s son/daughter, or your colleague/neighbor’s son/daughter. Imagine any of them – your younger brother/sister/niece/nephew/friend’s son not able to go through his or her tertiary education because of limited PTPTN loan. Or, perhaps your future son or daughter who need PTPTN study loan, will have difficulty to get one too. You should know the importance of sufficient financial support in tertiary education.

Let’s face it. The whole society is interconnected. Keep your promise to settle your PTPTN study loan. 

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Are You Paying Your PTPTN Study Loan?

Today’s news on The Star Online published that Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi National (PTPTN) loan defaulters to be put on bad credit list. I am proud to say that I had paid 85% of my PTPTN study loan. I paid my first study loan exactly as written on the PTPTN study loan agreement. And since then, I diligently pay my PTPTN study loan every month. Occasionally I checked my PTPTN account statement through their epay services. I did received the hardcopy of account statement through mail but I still find the most convenient way is through the epay services.
I think the amount of the loan repayment is not a problem for most working graduates. Just that, these working graduates must understand and take the initiative to make the payment accordingly to the agreement. Just like when you’re purchasing a new car, you need to pay the loan repayment on monthly basis, according to the hire purchase agreement. The difference is that, for hire purchase agreement, if no payment received certain period of time, the car will be taken away from you. In term of the amount, I believe the PTPTN loan repayment amount is much lesser that the monthly payment a new graduate is spending on his/her new car.
It’s important for us, the ‘customer’ of PTPTN to pay our  monthly study loan accordingly so that the younger generations which might be our younger brothers, sisters or our nieces, nephews or even our kids to enjoy this PTPTN facilities and so that they can have financial assistant in their tertiary education. Isn’t it one way for us to be thankful to PTPTN for giving us the opportunity to complete our desired diploma/degree/master degree is to pay back the study loan? 
If you have not started pay your PTPTN, take the initiative now. It’s never to late. Whatever we borrow, we must pay back.

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Malaysian Students – Will Your PTPTN Study Loan Be Sufficient?

For most Malaysian university students and parents, the main concern is not whether the students will be able to graduate with flying colours or not, but whether the student has sufficient financial support throughout his or her studies. I can understand this as courses fees and other courses materials can reach a few thousands for one semester. Basic living needs is another area where students spend big portion of their money.
For most Malaysian students (including me), we are considered lucky as PTPTN provide study loan for most courses and approved universities and colleges. The question is – Do these students know how to plan their financial wisely throughout their courses? PTPTN is doing a very smart control to their study loans. PTPTN only bank-in the needed amount in each semester. For my case, PTPTN pay the course fees and other fees to the respective university first. Only then, the balance will go to the student’s bank account. In other way, PTPTN is helping the students to plan and monitor their finances.
No matter what, students must do their own proper financial planning throughout their study. They must plan a proper budget which includes course materials (books, special devices or tools, other references), PC & broadband, living and transportation charges and also other miscellaneous charges. With proper budgeting, PTPTN will definitely be sufficient for you to get your degree or master degree. With proper budgeting also, students not only have a piece on mind to concentrate on their studies but they might be able to prepare a special fund for the down payment of their first car as well.

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Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional – PTPTN

It is now local university and private college registration time. For some parents which might not be able to provide full financial support to their university-going son or daughter, they might not be able to sleep well. But, not too worry, especially for those students who are offered to local university. Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN) provides financial support for Malaysian to further their study. With PTPTN, students will get study loan which cover their course fee, accommodation and other expenses. In short, it is enough for a student to get his diploma or degree. Upon graduation, students will need to pay back the study loan on monthly basis at a low interest rate.
PTPTN is an excellent way to solve financial burden for both parents and students. For more information, please visit PTPTN website.

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Education Fund in Malaysia – Where to apply for Scholarship?

If you are a Form Five or Form Six student in Malaysia; and you are not from a well-off family, most probably you and your parents is worried about your next step – where to get money to fund for your college or university years…

For relatives and friends who shared their concern to me about not able to further study due to no education fund or not enough education fund, my first advise to them would be, make sure you score a good result in your exam. Because it’s always easier for you to apply for a scholarship if you have an outstanding result. Another point to increase the possibility for you to be selected is to excel in the subjects related to your interest/area. For example, if your dream is to be a doctor, you must do well in Biology and Chemistry. If you dream to be an engineer, your Math and Physics must be among your best scored subjects.

I understand how hard it is to find ways to fund your tertiary education. So, I had done some research on scholarship applications in Malaysia. For more details, you can visit the websites below:
  1. MARA Scholarship (for Malaysian Bumiputera only)
  2. Yayasan Sarawak Scholarship (For Sarawakian only)
  3. Yayasan Sime Darby Scholarship
  4. Measat Broadcast Network Systems Sdn Bhd (ASTRO) Scholarship (For Astro subscriber only)
  5. Sunway Group
  6. Monash University, Sunway Campus

From time to time, there will be more education sponsorships from government parties, corporates and other organizations. Do take your time to do more research on available scholarships. Keep your eyes open on local media (radio/tv/newspaper) announcement. Wishing you all the best in your study.

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