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Make Money Online: Involve Asia Publisher referral program

Involve Asia Website

Have you heard of Involve Asia? Involve Asia is a portal that connect advertisers to publishers through advertising solutions. It gives publishers opportunities to earn commission through products recommendation and review. For example, you are a subscriber of a local telco A and you find that their service is up to your expectation. If telco A is also an advertiser at Involve Asia, you can promote telco A to your friends and family through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Wechat, Whatapps and other social networks. You can also  promote telco A through your website or blog.

As a publisher, you will get to select from a list of hundreds of brands and products to promote and share to your friends, family and your followers. The sign up process is easy. Just fill in your application here. Once your application is approved by Involve Asia team, you can chose your favorite product or service and start sharing through social medias. For every successful sales made, Involve Asia will pay you a commission. You will get to track and monitor your performance report too.

Involve Asia has local office in Malaysia as below:

Unit 3A-7, Level 3A,
Menara MBMR,
No.1 Jalan Syed Putra,
58000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +(603) 2276 4233

With Involve Asia, you only need a small effort to make money online while promoting the brands you loved. It is a win win situation – you provide a solution by recommending a good products or service for others and in return you get some commission from it. Why not, right?

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How To Cash Out Your AdSense Earnings in Malaysia using Western Union

I shared below how to cash out your AdSense earnings in Malaysia through Western Union:

1) Once you’ve reached the minimum earning threshold, which is currently USD100.00, you will received an email from Google Billing with the subject title ‘Google AdSense: We recently sent you a payment’;
2) Follow the instruction in the email to log in to your AdSense account. Select “Payments” from the drop down list. You will be able to see a ‘Payment Receipt’ from Google. Print out this payment receipt or write down the 2 most important parts which is the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) and the sender. In my case, the sender was Google Ireland, Ltd. But my advice is still better to print out the receipt and bring along with you when you go to the bank.
3) Go to the any banks in Malaysia with the yellow ‘Western Union’ symbol. In my case, I went to the bank nearest to my office, which is RHB Bank.
4) Tell the bank officer you need a form to receive money through Western Union. Fill in the important parts of the form such as Receive Money, MTCN number, your full name, your address, your occupation and the sender. The officer will require your NRIC as well, for verification purpose. No need to fill in the amount, as the officer will fill in for you based on the MTCN number. For my case, I need to wait for about 20 minutes for the officer to verify the details before he called my name name and handed me the cash in Malaysian Ringgit. 
Prior to receiving your first AdSense earning, make sure you update your payee profile, payment setting and billing contacts. For payee profile, remember to key in your name and address accordingly. For payment setting, the fastest and easiest way to receive the AdSense earning is through Western Union. So, log in to your AdSense account, then under ‘How you get paid’, select Western Union.  Make sure you change the payment method prior to your payment issued (in my case is USD100.00). Otherwise, Google Billing will not be in time to change the payment methods.

Hope the above helps!

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Can We Really Make Money from Blogging?

Can we really make money from blogging? I am sure most of us (especially bloggers) had asked this question before. Well, the answer is a definitely a ‘YES’. But, to make a lot of money, it takes a lot (I meant really a lot) of effort, sacrifice and most importantly, being persistent. 

I would love to share a blog which I came across a few months back while reading some articles from international living. This wonderful blog is ‘Pinch of Yum‘ by Lindsay and her husband, Bjork. I remembered the first time I landed on ‘Pinch of Yum’, the beautiful food graphics taken by Lindsay caught my attention. I started to read some of their posts, and I enjoy most of them.
One typical post which caught my attention is their monthly income report from their blog ‘Pinch of Yum’. Every month, Bjork will be writing a very detail post on their monthly income (expenses, income sources). He also shared some tips or new things they learn to improve their blog’s performance. Seeing their income growing month after month, I am really happy and proud of them. This is a proof that we can really make money from blogging. For Lindsay and Bjork, I must say I admire their work. A visit to their blog will tell you how much time, energy and effort they’ve put into it. And of course, the best part is their hard work really paid off. They proved that we can really make money from blogging.

photo credit: Kris Olin via photopin cc

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6 Hobbies Which Can Generate Extra income

In this tough economics time, I would like share on hobbies or interest which can generate extra income.
1) Baking
I love home-baked cakes compared to those bakery-baked cakes. Because bakery-baked cakes are more for commercialize and in term of taste, I would say something is missing. Usually, I would order cakes or cookies from friends or home-based aunties for Chinese New Year celebration. Recently, my family also started to order birthday cakes from my nephew’s schoolmate. So, I can see a lot of potential income for those who love and enjoy baking. I am sure baking one cake a week can bring you some additional income which you’ve been looking for.
2) Photo Taking
I read a lot of articles from International Living on how individual or couples generate income from selling photos they took. It can be anything. It can be photos of sunset view in Bali, photo of a busy street in Tokyo, photo of a white sandy beach in Belize, photo of beautiful sakura blooming in Osaka and many-many more. These photo been uploaded to websites such as ShutterStock or ShutterPoint where others can download or purchase these photos at certain price. Thinking of this idea (uploading the photo once, then can be downloaded/purchased multiple times) is really exciting! Don’t you think so?
3) Blogging
Many part-time bloggers successfully make a good extra income from blogging. I would say that it is not difficult to make money online but I would say that it is not easy to make a lot of money online and it is even harder to consistently make a lot of money every month from blogging. Nowadays, anyone can own a blog, thus there are too many blogs out there. You will need to be more creative, specific and unique if you wish to earn a lot from blogging. For those who really enjoy blogging, many of them turn from just-a-hobby to their full time job.
4) Sewing / Quilting
I know a few friends who spend their free time sewing or quilting. Some are selling their handmade masterpiece for a good price. Some are sewing/quilting based on demand, for example as a gift for a newborn. I think this is getting popular now. I have seen some who sell their handmade masterpiece at local market as well.
5) Cooking
During Raya celebration last year, hubby and me visited his Malay friend who celebrated Hari Raya. He cooks wonderful meals and bakes very nice cakes and cookies. He shared that he’s also taking catering order. He said he will be especially busy during festive season as his Chinese friends also ordering from him to prepare halal food for Chinese New Year open house. Some times, he’s also involved in catering for wedding ceremony and any other special occasions. And he’s charging at reasonable price too!
6) Writing
Recently, through Instagram, I’ve been following a few individual who are travel writers. They travel and write about their experience. They can publish it on their blog or sell to websites or magazines . Even if you are not a travel writers, you can write about your personal experience, your idea, your view, your ‘how-to’ and sell your articles to websites or magazines. 
Other than those I shared above, I am sure there are many more hobbies which can help to generate additional income. Of course one cannot expect to generate a lot of money but isn’t it great to do something we enjoy and been paid for it? Hopefully, these additional income can ease the financial burden in this tough economic time. Feel free to share with view with me.
photo credit: French Tart via photopin cc

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