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Make Money Online: Involve Asia Publisher referral program

Involve Asia Website

Have you heard of Involve Asia? Involve Asia is a portal that connect advertisers to publishers through advertising solutions. It gives publishers opportunities to earn commission through products recommendation and review. For example, you are a subscriber of a local telco A and you find that their service is up to your expectation. If telco A is also an advertiser at Involve Asia, you can promote telco A to your friends and family through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Wechat, Whatapps and other social networks. You can also  promote telco A through your website or blog.

As a publisher, you will get to select from a list of hundreds of brands and products to promote and share to your friends, family and your followers. The sign up process is easy. Just fill in your application here. Once your application is approved by Involve Asia team, you can chose your favorite product or service and start sharing through social medias. For every successful sales made, Involve Asia will pay you a commission. You will get to track and monitor your performance report too.

Involve Asia has local office in Malaysia as below:

Unit 3A-7, Level 3A,
Menara MBMR,
No.1 Jalan Syed Putra,
58000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +(603) 2276 4233

With Involve Asia, you only need a small effort to make money online while promoting the brands you loved. It is a win win situation – you provide a solution by recommending a good products or service for others and in return you get some commission from it. Why not, right?

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How To Cash Out Your AdSense Earnings in Malaysia using Western Union

I shared below how to cash out your AdSense earnings in Malaysia through Western Union:

1) Once you’ve reached the minimum earning threshold, which is currently USD100.00, you will received an email from Google Billing with the subject title ‘Google AdSense: We recently sent you a payment’;
2) Follow the instruction in the email to log in to your AdSense account. Select “Payments” from the drop down list. You will be able to see a ‘Payment Receipt’ from Google. Print out this payment receipt or write down the 2 most important parts which is the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) and the sender. In my case, the sender was Google Ireland, Ltd. But my advice is still better to print out the receipt and bring along with you when you go to the bank.
3) Go to the any banks in Malaysia with the yellow ‘Western Union’ symbol. In my case, I went to the bank nearest to my office, which is RHB Bank.
4) Tell the bank officer you need a form to receive money through Western Union. Fill in the important parts of the form such as Receive Money, MTCN number, your full name, your address, your occupation and the sender. The officer will require your NRIC as well, for verification purpose. No need to fill in the amount, as the officer will fill in for you based on the MTCN number. For my case, I need to wait for about 20 minutes for the officer to verify the details before he called my name name and handed me the cash in Malaysian Ringgit. 
Prior to receiving your first AdSense earning, make sure you update your payee profile, payment setting and billing contacts. For payee profile, remember to key in your name and address accordingly. For payment setting, the fastest and easiest way to receive the AdSense earning is through Western Union. So, log in to your AdSense account, then under ‘How you get paid’, select Western Union.  Make sure you change the payment method prior to your payment issued (in my case is USD100.00). Otherwise, Google Billing will not be in time to change the payment methods.

Hope the above helps!

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6 Hobbies Which Can Generate Extra income

In this tough economics time, I would like share on hobbies or interest which can generate extra income.
1) Baking
I love home-baked cakes compared to those bakery-baked cakes. Because bakery-baked cakes are more for commercialize and in term of taste, I would say something is missing. Usually, I would order cakes or cookies from friends or home-based aunties for Chinese New Year celebration. Recently, my family also started to order birthday cakes from my nephew’s schoolmate. So, I can see a lot of potential income for those who love and enjoy baking. I am sure baking one cake a week can bring you some additional income which you’ve been looking for.
2) Photo Taking
I read a lot of articles from International Living on how individual or couples generate income from selling photos they took. It can be anything. It can be photos of sunset view in Bali, photo of a busy street in Tokyo, photo of a white sandy beach in Belize, photo of beautiful sakura blooming in Osaka and many-many more. These photo been uploaded to websites such as ShutterStock or ShutterPoint where others can download or purchase these photos at certain price. Thinking of this idea (uploading the photo once, then can be downloaded/purchased multiple times) is really exciting! Don’t you think so?
3) Blogging
Many part-time bloggers successfully make a good extra income from blogging. I would say that it is not difficult to make money online but I would say that it is not easy to make a lot of money online and it is even harder to consistently make a lot of money every month from blogging. Nowadays, anyone can own a blog, thus there are too many blogs out there. You will need to be more creative, specific and unique if you wish to earn a lot from blogging. For those who really enjoy blogging, many of them turn from just-a-hobby to their full time job.
4) Sewing / Quilting
I know a few friends who spend their free time sewing or quilting. Some are selling their handmade masterpiece for a good price. Some are sewing/quilting based on demand, for example as a gift for a newborn. I think this is getting popular now. I have seen some who sell their handmade masterpiece at local market as well.
5) Cooking
During Raya celebration last year, hubby and me visited his Malay friend who celebrated Hari Raya. He cooks wonderful meals and bakes very nice cakes and cookies. He shared that he’s also taking catering order. He said he will be especially busy during festive season as his Chinese friends also ordering from him to prepare halal food for Chinese New Year open house. Some times, he’s also involved in catering for wedding ceremony and any other special occasions. And he’s charging at reasonable price too!
6) Writing
Recently, through Instagram, I’ve been following a few individual who are travel writers. They travel and write about their experience. They can publish it on their blog or sell to websites or magazines . Even if you are not a travel writers, you can write about your personal experience, your idea, your view, your ‘how-to’ and sell your articles to websites or magazines. 
Other than those I shared above, I am sure there are many more hobbies which can help to generate additional income. Of course one cannot expect to generate a lot of money but isn’t it great to do something we enjoy and been paid for it? Hopefully, these additional income can ease the financial burden in this tough economic time. Feel free to share with view with me.
photo credit: French Tart via photopin cc

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11 Employment Benefits That Give You Extra Cash and Save You Money

Being employed does not only meant you are getting income, but it gives your more cash and save you money too. Based on my experience and my readings, here are 11 employment benefits that can help you to either give you extra cash or save your money:
1) Employee Pension Fund (EFP) Contributions
Malaysian employer are required to contribute 12% of the monthly salary to each of their employees’ EPF accounts. Employees are contributing 11% from their monthly salary. Some companies are kind enough to offer higher contribution for their employees. In long run, 12% of monthly salary can turn out to be quite a huge amount of money. 
2) Social Security Organization (Socso) Coverage
Malaysian employer also required to contribute to Sosco for each of their employee. Socso operates as a social insurance scheme provided by the Malaysia government to provide aid in financial guarantees and protection to employees and their families in the event of accidents resulting in disablement, death, or affliction with occupational diseases. The contribution is accordance to the salary range of the employer. One thing for sure, Socso is reducing the employee’s burden in term of accident, disablement and treating occupational diseases.
3) Medical Benefit
Most companies do provide medical benefits for their staff. The benefit can be either through staff monthly claim by submitting official medical receipt or through panel doctors appointed by the employers for their staff. Most of the time, the medical benefit also cover the medical expenses for spouse and children as well.
4) Dental and Optical Benefit
Dental and optical care can turn out to be quite expensive for an employee. When these are subsidized by company, employee can save hundreds in a year. Of course, there will be a certain limit of claim for each year. Some employer extend the dental and optical benefit to their employee’s dependent.
5) Group Insurance Coverage
For those corporate giant where they have hundreds or thousands of employees, usually they provide group insurance coverage to their employees. Insurance coverage includes life insurance, personal accident and medical card. The most saving part would be medical card because medical care in private hospital can be very expensive. Most insurance coverage also cover for employee’s spouse and children.
6) Health Screening Package
It is important for employees to have health screening package, especially for those after middle age. General health screening package could start from hundreds to thousands of ringgit. By providing subsidized health screening package, this will greatly reduce the financial burden of an employee. Usually employer will set a limit of health screening package for each of their employee. 
7) Hire Purchase Benefit
Some large corporate especially financial institution usually offer lower hire purchase benefits for their employees, provided the hire purchase is from the employer itself. This could save quite a substantial amount of money. Win-win situation for both employer and employee.
8) Performance Bonus
Towards the end of a financial year, bonus is what most employee looking for. Bonus means additional cash. And some generous employers are giving away a few month bonuses.
9) Employee Share Option Scheme (ESOS)
Most public listed company offers ESOS to its employee. In a way, ESOS gives employees a feeling to own a portion of the company so that the employees will work harder. In return, when the share price increase, the   employee can opt to exercise the ESOS and gain money from the transaction.
10) Long Service Awards
It is common to have Long Service Awards for employees who work 5 years, 10 years and for the next subsequent 5 years. Usually there will be cash incentive and special gift for Long Service Awards.
11) Maternity benefits
Some employers are kind enough to support parents with maternity benefit such as paying for labour charges. Other than that, some also give maternity gift for mother and new born gift for baby.
Other than the above mentioned employee benefits, I believe there are other benefits too. Do feel free to add in and share with me. For those who are enjoying the above benefits, they should feel thankful for it. For those who has not enjoying the benefits, can always suggest to your employer in your coming year end appraisal.

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Is It The Time To Top-Up Your Investment?

Based on my observation, recent unit trust price had dropped quite a lot. I am not sure what will happen in 1 week, 1 month or 6 months time. Maybe the price will drop further or maybe the price will pick up. No one knows.
Since I have some additional cash, so I took this opportunity to top-up some of my unit trust funds. But, I wont throw all my investment at one time. Some portion at a time. In case the price drop further, I still have extra cash for investment. In case the price pick up, I can save my extra cash for other purposes. And my top-ups are only for my long term investment fund.
What are the actions you’ve taken and what is your planning?

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Malaysian IPTA/IPTS Student – 10 Ways To Earn Extra Money

I believe most of us who had attended university life wish that we can have some extra money other than the money from our study loan or the ‘Father & Mother loan’. Maybe some of them are lucky to have rich parents to support all their needs and even can give them unlimited credit cards to spend on. Most of us are not that lucky.
Here I suggested 10 ways to earn extra money for IPTA @ IPTS students in Malaysia:
1) Work part-time at fast food restaurant, convenient store, boutiques…
Many students are practicing this at the moment. Usually, they get paid based on hourly rate. Try to ask for a more flexible working hours so that you can replace those hours where you have classes.
2) Giving one-to-one tuition to primary or secondary students
Some parents are willing to spend on one-to-one tuition for their children. One-to-one tuition is more comprehensive. Student and tutor will also be able to concentrate better. Most importantly, the time is more flexible compare to huge tuition classes. Tuition rate are varies. It also depends on both party. If you are lucky and you help your student to get significant good result, you might receive higher pay and will be hunted by other parents.
3) Take part in university research program
In higher lever of learning, there will be a lot of research program going on. For research, normally they will need temporarily staff to help to complete the research program. Other than getting the pay, students will also learn new things which might be useful for their future.
4) Write article and sell it 
If you have the writing skills, you can consider to sell your articles to local publisher or to the internet. If you have great interest in certain topics (for example beauty & grooming, relationship, teaching, gardening, cooking, current technology), someone out there might be willing to buy your article.
5) Get a job during semester break
My niece always practise this. She’ll work full-time during her semester break at a local mall. I think she gained the trust from the employer. She told me she might do her industrial training at the local mall.
6) Selling your art skills 
If you are a good artist, you can consider to sell your artworks. If you have talent in song writing, perhaps can write lyrics or music. If your song become a hit records, you will have a good return. Or, you can teach music classes (piano, guitar, violin).
7) Selling your photography skills
I know a student who work part-time to take wedding photo. For your information, the cost of a professional wedding photographer is quite expensive. And most importantly, sometimes the photographer has been booked months or years ahead before the wedding. If you know any of your friend or relatives are getting married, try to offer your photography skills. Of course, you have to ensure you have the photography skills to impressed. If you have not, but you’re interested, you can consider working part-time at local bridal centre to acquire the related photography skills.
8) Internet Marketing & Blogging
From my reading, some students really make a lot of money from Internet Marketing and blogging. Some even become millionaire before they even graduated from university. I wish can write more but I myself still learning on Internet Marketing. If you have access to internet, you’ll find tonnes and tonnes on making money from Internet Marketing.
9) Become part-time MC or DJ
If you have the right voice quality, quality and have got the interest, you can consider as parat-time MC or DJ. 
10) Take part in Network Marketing Business
I know a friend who involved in direct selling product when I was at university. I think she earns quite a lot from selling the direct selling products. I can tell, she also have a busy schedule. The sister of my coursemate was an insurance agent while she still study in university. She really improved a lot after she joined the insurance agency. I believe she not only has the money now, but also a wide network connection.
My advice, there is no easy way to earn extra money (well, at least until now I have not found any easy way). One has to sacrifice her time and put a lot of effort to earn extra money. Just ensure that you are not doing anything illegal to get extra money.  It’s not that difficult to earn money from the illegal way, but the scary part is the after-effect. It’s not worth it. And most importantly, do not neglect your study while you work part-time.
All the best!

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My Personal Experience As A Mystery Shopper

Last year I registered myself in a local mystery shopping agency. Upon registration, I received quite a number of mystery shopping opportunities. But only in Aug 2010, I decided to to take up 3 mystery shopping assignments. Why, is because I only take up those assignments that’s related to me. 
The assignments are not tough but need to do some work and need to have a very details observation skills. Upon confirmation of the assignments, the agency assigned a specific date where I need to do my mystery shopping. My task include to visit a specific place and made a call to that same specific place and followed by answering a set of online questionnaires. Before proceed with the mystery visit, the agency provided me with a log-in details to their online assignment database where I can view all the details and task for each of my assignment. Upon log-in,  I read through all the details (In fact, I read at least twice for each assignment :p) and printed out the questionnaires. The questionnaires are quite long, about 6 pages. But, not to worry as most of the answers are closed ended questions which means that you can select your answer from the options given. Only about 20% of the questionnaires need further elaborations and sometimes some descriptions. Upon completion of the mystery call and mystery visit and the questionnaires, I had to submit the questionnaires within 24 hours, together with proof of visits (a recording of conversation, name card of the person who attend to me at the specific place).
My first assignment was not so successful as I was inexperience and I feel like the place where I visit have a feeling that I am a mystery shopper which made me feel uncomfortable. My second and third assignment were quite OK and things run smooth. I also feel more confident.
My task did not finished at the point where I submitted the online questionnaires. The mystery shopping agency still contact me for some verifications of the questionnaires details. Some of the questionnaires are quite details, for example, whether the person who’s attending to you is wearing spectacles or not, body size, age group and his/her race. I had quite a hard time to recall the particular for my first assignment.
The mystery shopping agency paid me the promised payment somewhere a month later. I would say, the pay is quite good, range between RM40-RM45 per assignment. Some extra cash, why not? Any of you with mystery shopping experience? Feel free to share your story 🙂

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