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Investing in Indonesian Fund

Recently I switched a small amount of my investment to Indonesian Fund. 
The reasons I switched a portion of my investment to Indonesian fund as below:

1) I wish to diversify my portfolio. In investment, among the famous golden rules would be ‘do not put all your eggs in one basket’. Thus, I am putting some of my eggs in a new basket;
2) A hope for better Indonesia and more stable economy under new leadership and new management, President Jokowi;
3) High population. Indonesia is among the world top countries with highest populations. With populations keep growing and most of the populations are young generations, I foresee huge economic growth will be created by these youngsters. 
4) Low entry offered by the fund unit
I look forward to brighter Indonesia market outlook in next year and in years to come.

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An Update On My Public Mutual – Public Dividend Select Fund

One of the many things that make me happy is when I received my statements from my unit trust investments. Recently I received the final distribution statement for my Public Dividend Select Fund (PDSF) for financial year ended 31 May 2014. This PDSF was my first investment which I made in 2005 with RM1000 only. The distribution amount which I received for financial year ended 31 May 2014 is RM181.49. It is quite impressive. So, as at 31 July 2014, from my RM1000 investment which I made in 2005, it is now turning into RM2,575.60. I am thankful for this and I hope to receive more good news for my PDSF.
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How A ‘Calculator’ Can Help You Better Manage Your Finance?

I found a wonderful website where I can use the calculator to calculate the value of my future savings. Well, for example, if currently you have 100K in your EPF @ KWSP savings, are you curious to know the amount during your retirement in 20 years? Or, you can compare the return of investment from fixed deposit placement versus unit trust investment. Of course, it will be hard to know the exact figure but the calculator will roughly provide a figure for our reference. Because the return of investment in unit trust does not promise a fixed percentage.

One thing which I realized is that the time frame really play a super important role in our investment planning. The longer the time frame, the better the performance of our savings. The compounded interest bring charm to the investment plan. There is a huge difference of the same initial amount invested over 10 years and 20 years.
If time frame is a limitation, then we have to play around with the interest rate or return of investment. Instead of putting our money to a slow growth investment, why not learn to take some risk and place our money in an investment with better return?
With the technology today, I know there are also many other websites with financial calculator and there many available apps too. Let’s learn something from this smart calculator 🙂

Note: Feel free to click here for the website. This website not only offer for financial calculator but also other calculators including unit conversion and health calculator.

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EPF@KWSP – EPF Declares 6.35 Percent Dividend Rate For 2013

It might be a bit late, but I still wish to share the news on EPF 2013 dividend rates. It is 6.35% for 2013! Quite impressive. And as an EPF@KWSP member, of course I am very happy for the 6.35% dividend. On the night of 16 Feb 2014, upon hearing the news from my tv screen, I tried to log-in to my i-Akaun. It was very smooth and I managed to log-in successfully and there’s no lagging. And the dividend already updated in my i-Akaun. This is huge improvement. I remember last year, the dividend only been updated in my i-Akaun on the next day. And when I tried to log-in to my i-Akaun the next day, I need to wait for quite some time as there’s message ‘the site is busy’. For this year, this is another great improvement by EPF@KWSP.
You can access the news on EPF@KWSP 2013 dividend announcement here.
And I am looking forward for more a more fruitful year ahead 🙂

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A Good Financial Consultant…

This article published today on The Star Online caught my attention. After finished reading this article, the first thing in my mind is I wanted to share it here on my blog. 
I believe some of us have been approached by many financial consultants especially recently, due to the introduction of Private Retirement Scheme (PRS). The 3 main points mentioned in the article is quite true especially the second point. 
I still believe we need a good financial consultant to maximize the return from our investment. We all should invest and most importantly, invest wisely. Do not rely 100% on our financial consultant. We all must know where does our hard earned money goes to – the name of the fund, the target group, the risk, the time it take before we can see some return… The more you understand your own investment, the more likely you have confidence in your own investment.
I am sure there are still many good financial consultant out there… 
Happy investing…

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EPF@KWSP – EPF Declares 6.00 Percent Dividend Rate For 2011

On 19 Feb 2012, EPF@KWSP announced a dividend rate of 6.00% for financial year ending 2011. This 6% is the highest in the last 10 years.
Many Malaysian employee said they expected this high dividend rate from EPF@KWSP. I did not expect for this 6.00%. So, quite happy for this 6.00%. If can see higher dividend for 2012, that will be even better.
The dividend has been credited to its member account on 20 Feb 2012. For the first few days after the announcement, it was so hard to access EPF@KWSP website and its i-Akaun. But after that, it was smooth and back to normal. I guess everyone is eager to see the dividend in their account.
Let’s hope for a better dividend next year!

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Is It The Time To Top-Up Your Investment?

Based on my observation, recent unit trust price had dropped quite a lot. I am not sure what will happen in 1 week, 1 month or 6 months time. Maybe the price will drop further or maybe the price will pick up. No one knows.
Since I have some additional cash, so I took this opportunity to top-up some of my unit trust funds. But, I wont throw all my investment at one time. Some portion at a time. In case the price drop further, I still have extra cash for investment. In case the price pick up, I can save my extra cash for other purposes. And my top-ups are only for my long term investment fund.
What are the actions you’ve taken and what is your planning?

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Time for Gold and Silver…

Last month, I bought a pair of gold earrings for my mum’s birthday. The price was RM155 per gram. That’s the highest price I had paid for gold! I won’t be surprise if the price will reach RM200 per gram soon. When I asked the shop owner of the silver price, she said silver price has increased more than 50%. The same silver necklace which cost RM40 will cost about RM65 now!
Today’s The Star Online did some sharing on gold investment. For those of you who have interest in gold investment, you might want to read it up. Few years back, I read from a financial planner that gold investment will not give high return, but from my own experience, it does give high return.
What’s your view? 

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