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webe Mobile Unlimited Data @ RM79/month Review

Nowadays, I can’t live without Internet. I need to be ‘online’ most of the time. I need Internet to complete my work, to communicate with my friends and family, and I need Internet for leisure reading. Even my 1 year old baby also loves to watch youtube. So, unlimited data is important for me.
When webe first launched its unlimited data mobile postpaid plan, I am among the early users. Had been using it for more than a year now. So far I am happy with it. Webe mobile is even better now with free 10GB hotspot tethering at LTE coverage area. 
In term of speed of webe mobile, based on my own testing in Kuching (Sarawak), I managed to get between 6Mbps – 43Mbps for download and between 3Mbps – 11Mbps for upload. Personally, I am happy with these speeds. Again, the speed varies depends on the location and at best effort.
If you’re someone who need unlimited mobile data (be it for work purpose, or for watching Korean dramas), webe mobile will be the best solution for you. Register now at webe website before it’s too late. Not to worry because there’s no contract involved. So, subscriber are free to terminate or switch out to other telcos anytime.

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Four Months After GST Implementation

As at now, most of us in Malaysia are getting used to GST implementation. We know how to read the price tags and official receipts. Those who works in Account Department or Finance Department should at least know how to key in input and output tax into accounting system and also to file the GST returns. 
There are also less and less complaints on GST impact in loca news. It seems like the rakyat are slowly getting used to the GST implementation. 
But, one thing for sure, the rakyat really feel the pinch of price hike. One specific of honey from Australia was priced at RM31.90 before GST implementation. But when I purchased the same honey in Apr’15, it was RM36.90. Last year, a ream of a branded paper cost RM9.50. Today, the same ream of branded paper at the same stationary store cost RM11.13 (RM10.50 + 6% GST). A specific brand of facial toner cost me RM38 in early 2014, then RM42 toward the end of 2014. In Apr 2015, the same facial toner cost me RM55! I am not sure if the price hike was caused by the dropped in Ringgit value or because the supplier been charged higher by the producer due to high demand. No matter what, the huge price different after GST implementation is really unacceptable to me.

I noticed that everyone now are more concern on their purchase, be it at the kopitiam, wet market, the supermarket or at stationary stores. Everyone trying to get the best deal and trying to stretch their ringgit further. This is a domino game. When everyone trying to hold back from spending, economy will be affected. In the long run, let’s hope that the GST implementation brings us more good than harm.

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Useful Advice For Newbies At Work

In my working years, I learned a lot and I am still learning. Along the way, I  made mistakes. I learned from my mistakes and promised not to repeat the same mistake twice. I wish someone would have shared with  me or warned me earlier before I joined the work force.
As such, I came up with some useful advice for those newbies at work:
1) Know the Importance of ‘Black and White’
Always request for formal email and keep a printed copy of important information. Try to avoid receiving and executing important instruction verbally. Even if the other party prefer not to provide you the ‘black and white’ always practice to send him/her an email, detailing the conversation.
2) No Gossips
Do not join in gossips in office. It won’t bring you any advantage.
3) No Office Politics
Avoid office politics. Do not join any of the groups. Be neutral. Try to steer away if someone wish to drag you to join the office politics.
4) Know Well What is Categorized under ‘Private & Confidential Information
Some information such as salary package, commissions, bonus and increment are categorized under private and confidential. Do not show off your salary or bonus to your colleague as it might create conflicts between you and the colleague. These information is better kept to yourself only.
5) Mind Your Language
Use professional language in all of your dealings. If you think you are not up to the standard, learn to pick up from night classes, read books or learn online to enhance your language.
6) Learn to Write Proper and Professional Email
It is important to be able to put your words properly especially in corporate communications. Avoid harsh words. If you have doubts, search online for email etiquette.
7) Be Sensitive To Your Surroundings

There are situation where you can sense something even though no one talk about it. Take note of small gestures, facial expression, eye contacts and other body languages. Sometimes, it might be something good, and sometimes, it might be something negative. 

8) Respect Your Superior

I know many who complains about their superior. No matter what, you must respect your superior. He is there for a reason. 

9) Learn to Say No
Don’t be a ‘Yes Man’. Say No at the right time. Otherwise, others will take advantage of your kindness. Learn to draw the boundary as early as possible.
10) Never Trust Anyone 100%
Among all, this is the most important advice. Do not trust anyone 100%, leave some room for yourself. 
I hope my sharing above will benefits you.

photo credit: IMG_0104 via photopin (license)

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How To Become A Smart Consumer?

In this GST era, it is important for all of us to learn to become a smart consumer to stretch our Ringgit further. Thus, I share below some of the steps we can learn to become a smart consumer:
1) Compare prices
I noticed that prices in some of the supermarket in Kuching are much more higher than the other supermarkets. Try to visit different supermarket when you do your next weekly grocery shopping, then you will see the differences.
2) Purchase based on ‘needs’ and not ‘wants’
Buy only what you need. Only if you have additional budget, occasionally go for what you want.
3) Know your right as a consumer
Ask for the official receipt. Look at small printings on products vouchers. Check the expiry date on items. Ask for details if you feel something is not right – be it the service, the price, the quality of the products.
4) Survey and gather information before making big purchases
Take time to survey whether online or walk in to stores to gather as much information as possible before making big purchases. It will be painful if later you realized that you had overpaid for what you bought or there’s a better package/deal somewhere else.
5) Support retails shop with good practices
This is super important. If all consumer practice this, we all will be surrounded by happy consumers. Try to avoid supporting those retails shops who are taking advantage over consumer by offering overpriced products or provide poor customer service.
6) Plan your purchases
There is no need to go grocery shopping 3 times a week. It is wasting our time, our money and our energy. Plan for a weekly grocery shopping instead.
7) Think for long term benefits
Always think for long term benefits especially for big purchase items.

8) Be careful of the word ‘SALE’I noticed that some departmental store in Kuching is always on ‘SALE’. From Jan through Dec, there is always sales – Clearance Sale, Mega Sale, Factory Sale, Crazy Sale. But, in actual only some items are with discounted price. And for some clothing, they increased the price prior to the sale period. For example, the actual price of a blouse is RM80, but during sale season, the price increased to RM100, with 20% discount. So, the price after discount is still RM80. In actual, there’s no discount at all.

As a consumer, we have our right to choose where and how to spend our money. We all  must learn to become smart consumers in other to create a place with better living quality. More smart consumer will also be  able to create better quality product with reasonable price and improved service quality.

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Food Price Hike

Reading the news ‘Hawkers raise prices‘ on The Star Online, I am not sure what is your reaction. If me, definitely I will reduce my visits to these hawkers or eateries who had overcharged their food.
Locally in Kuching, I noticed some famous eateries had increased their food price by RM0.50 to RM1.00. The beef noodle which was previously sold at RM6.50 is now RM7.50 per bowl. And I noticed the portion is also reduced. Some of the ‘kolo mee’ stall had also increase their price by RM0.30 to RM0.50 per bowl. In one of the hawkers center, the ‘tea-c’ drink is sold at RM2.20, and there’s only one size. These are just a few of the examples I myself encounter.

I am not sure how these hawkers and food operators can simply increase the price of their food. They can just put the blame on the increase price of fresh ingredients. If situation continues, I strongly believe, there will be less customers going to these hawkers centre and coffeeshops. I also think that, nowadays, consumers starting to be more concern on the price they are paying for their food. Consumer are getting smarter now. They are smart enough to choose where and which eateries to go.

photo credit: YeeJen via photopin cc

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The Problem with Full Time Employment

Sometimes, I think the main reason with full time employment is, it leaves no time for the person to think and plan ahead for his future. The busy day to day schedule, the never ending deadlines always make a person feeling tired towards the weekend, resulting to be too exhausted to think or plan for his future path. 

Perhaps this situation is not that bad in developed countries where employees have specific of number of work hour per week, and the wages is by hours of work done. In developing countries like Malaysia, employees are expected to work extra hours and some times they have to bring back their workload to their home. In my earlier days, I used to work till very late in the evening and usually I was the first to arrive in the office. Sometimes, also turned up on Saturday, trying to settle those unfinished paperworks. Along the way, I learned to prioritize my tasks better. At the same time, I also promised myself that I will follow my working hours as in my letter-of-offer and I will leave my workplace on time and most importantly, I will not bring home my work. After working hours, all these are my personal time and for my personal matters. With this, situation gets better. I feel less exhausted and have some time to think ahead and some time to free my mind from being occupied by work related matter. At least, some time for me to enjoy other things other that work.
But, I believe many are still trapped in the busy schedule of full time employment, leaving little space for us to really think and plan ahead for our own direction. Of course, one can say, it always up to the person. If he really want to plan for his future, he will find time for his planning. He will not blame on other factors such as busy working life leaving him no time for planning.
No matter what, I strongly believe, one should take time and think about his own future. Take some time to reflect on the past, learn from it and plan for a better future.

photo credit: Dakotilla via photopin cc

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How To Renew Your Malaysian Passport in Kuching?

Today I am taking the day off to renew my passport.
Below are some quick information if you’re planning to renew your Malaysian passport in Kuching. This is the requirement as at 13 Dec 2013 as it might change from time to time:
Bring along:
1) Your IC
2) Your old passport
3) 2 recent passport size photo (must follow the recent requirement – white background, not teeth shown…)
4) Your cash (RM100 for 2 years international passport and RM300 for 5 years international passport)
1) Go to Level 2, Bangunan Sultan Iskandar at Simpang Tiga.
2) Proceed to Counter 1 to get the queue number. The officer will check whether you had your IC, old passport and recent passport size photo with you. Once completed, the officer will give you a queue number. Wait for your queue number to be called.
3) When it’s your queue number, go to the respective counter. The office will serve you – ask whether you would like to renew for 2 years or 5 years, verify your personal details and if there’s any changes, then verify your left and right thumb print. Then, the officer will print out the renewal form where you put down your right thumb print. The officer will ask you to sit down and wait for your name to be called from the payment counter.
4) When your name being called from the payment counter, proceed to the counter and bring along your cash. After payment made, the officer will provide your an official receipt with remark – time and date to collect your new passport. Mine was to collect 2pm in the afternoon.
5) To collect the new passport, make sure you show the officer at Counter 14 or Counter 15 the official receipt. The officer will give you a new queue number. Wait for another 10 or 15 mins (depends on the crowds), when your number being called, the officer will show you the new passport, ask you to sign on the form to prove you’ve taken the passport. Then, the officer will ask you to double check the personal detail on the new passport. Once confirmed, the officer will ask you to sign on the passport. She’ll pass back to you your old passport and it’s done.
Important note:
1) Try to arrive as early as possible and preferably in the morning. I arrived at around 8:30am and was given number 66. They serving counter was 16. And most importantly, the queue number counter was closed at around 9:30am today. No more queue number given. Means that you’ll need to come back at 2pm and queue for your number. In the afternoon, I saw a very long queue at the front of the office for the queue number. At around 2:30pm, there’s an announcement that no more queue number to be given for that afternoon. So, you better arrive as early as possible. The official operation hours is available on Immigration Department of Malaysia.
My Suggestion to improve the Service at Kuching Immigration Office:
1) Ensure more counter are serving during operation hours. Today, at around 9am, only 2 counters are serving. At round 10am, about 5 counters are serving. Total, there’s 15 counters (registration counter, including payment counter, 2 collection counters, a special counter). Imagine  if 10 counters are serving from 7:30am till 5:30pm. I am very sure there’s be many happy citizen walking out from the Kuching Immigration Office.More counter meaning less waiting time and highly effective operation.
2) Dont close the number counter so early. Can you imagine those applicant come as far as Serian and have to wait till 2pm to get her queue number? How about someone with young kids?
3) Have a special counter for senior citizen, woman with young kids or those with special needs.
4) Have separate counter for renewal and for new application. Renewal of passport will be faster. This will speed up the process and reduce the stressful waiting time.
5) Get better seat for the crowd. I think average waiting time will be around 2 hours for each applicant. The seat looks quite old and not comfortable. Some are standing because not enough seat available. 
6) Install a tv so that there’s light entertainment while the crowds are waiting
Overall Service Experience
Other than the above suggestion, I would like to say that I am pleased with the service provided by the officers at Kuching Immigration office. They are friendly, pleasant and helpful. My hope is that the procedure will be smoother and faster. It is important to respect others’ time as I think it’s not right to have to wait for hours just to renew my passport. I hope the service will be further improved for the benefits of all Kuchingites 🙂

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