Prudential PRUaccess plus portal

It is digital world nowadays. Most thing will slowly move to paperless. I strongly support this as this is also good for our Mother Earth and environmentally friendly. So, in March this year, when I received an SMS notification from Prudential that my 2016 statement is now available through their portal, I quickly register for it. If you’re wondering how to register for PRUaccess plus, just visit Prudential PRUaccess plus here. Basically you will need your policy number for registration.

What I love about PRUaccess plus is almost all of the information on my policy is there. This includes:

  • Policy Details
  • Premium and Payment Details
  • Claims Details
  • Sales Channel Information
  • Product and Marketing Information

PRUaccess plus also provides online services as below:

  • Pay life insurance premium
  • Update contact details
  • View and download life policy insurance annual statements
  • View and download life policy insurance document
  • View PRUlink funds report
  • Change personal security profile (password, security phrase & colour)

Before I register for PRUaccess plus, I used to call or message my Prudential advisor for my PRUlink funds report. But now, I can easily get my PRUlink funds report within a few click.

To log in to PRUaccess plus, please visit PRUaccess website here.

So, get your PRUaccess now. Support paperless. Go green. Create a better place for our next generation. Most importantly, it makes your life much more convenient.