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Make Money Online: Involve Asia Publisher referral program

Involve Asia Website

Have you heard of Involve Asia? Involve Asia is a portal that connect advertisers to publishers through advertising solutions. It gives publishers opportunities to earn commission through products recommendation and review. For example, you are a subscriber of a local telco A and you find that their service is up to your expectation. If telco A is also an advertiser at Involve Asia, you can promote telco A to your friends and family through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Wechat, Whatapps and other social networks. You can also  promote telco A through your website or blog.

As a publisher, you will get to select from a list of hundreds of brands and products to promote and share to your friends, family and your followers. The sign up process is easy. Just fill in your application here. Once your application is approved by Involve Asia team, you can chose your favorite product or service and start sharing through social medias. For every successful sales made, Involve Asia will pay you a commission. You will get to track and monitor your performance report too.

Involve Asia has local office in Malaysia as below:

Unit 3A-7, Level 3A,
Menara MBMR,
No.1 Jalan Syed Putra,
58000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +(603) 2276 4233

With Involve Asia, you only need a small effort to make money online while promoting the brands you loved. It is a win win situation – you provide a solution by recommending a good products or service for others and in return you get some commission from it. Why not, right?

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Prudential PRUaccess plus: How To Register and Log In

Prudential PRUaccess plus portal

It is digital world nowadays. Most thing will slowly move to paperless. I strongly support this as this is also good for our Mother Earth and environmentally friendly. So, in March this year, when I received an SMS notification from Prudential that my 2016 statement is now available through their portal, I quickly register for it. If you’re wondering how to register for PRUaccess plus, just visit Prudential PRUaccess plus here. Basically you will need your policy number for registration.

What I love about PRUaccess plus is almost all of the information on my policy is there. This includes:

  • Policy Details
  • Premium and Payment Details
  • Claims Details
  • Sales Channel Information
  • Product and Marketing Information

PRUaccess plus also provides online services as below:

  • Pay life insurance premium
  • Update contact details
  • View and download life policy insurance annual statements
  • View and download life policy insurance document
  • View PRUlink funds report
  • Change personal security profile (password, security phrase & colour)

Before I register for PRUaccess plus, I used to call or message my Prudential advisor for my PRUlink funds report. But now, I can easily get my PRUlink funds report within a few click.

To log in to PRUaccess plus, please visit PRUaccess website here.

So, get your PRUaccess now. Support paperless. Go green. Create a better place for our next generation. Most importantly, it makes your life much more convenient.


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Step-by-step on How To Buy Bitcoin in Malaysia

Recently I have been doing some intensive reading on bitcoin. I am still a newbie and there are still a lot to learn about bitcoin. After some consideration, I decided to invest in bitcoin. I shared below step-by-step on how to buy bitcoin in Malaysia:
1) Open an account at Remitano – one of the many available bitcoin exchange in Malaysia.(note: referral link)
2) Look at ‘List of Sellers’. Do some ‘study’, pick a favorable seller (I choose the same banker with me to ease online transaction). Take note of minimum and maximum bitcoin available for preferred seller. Take note that you have sufficient balance in your bank account and also take note of your transfer limit so that you will can smoothly transfer your money to the seller within given timeframe.
3) Get ready your BTC address (You can have it under tab ‘BTC Wallet’ -> ‘Deposit’. Your BTC address is the string of alphabet and numbers). Make sure you provide the accurate BTC address because the transaction is unreverse-able. Always play safe and double-check.
4) Click on the preferred seller to see more details. Once you are confident, paste your BTC address and hit ‘Buy BTC’.
5) You will be able to see the  payment details of the transaction.
6) You will have 15minutes (timer is running) to complete the payment (online banking).
7) Once you made the payment through online banking, click ‘I have paid seller’ button.
8) Seller has 3 minutes (timer is running) to transfer the bitcoin to your Remitano account.
9) Once the bitcoin is transferred to your Remitano account, you will be able to see the new bitcoin balance reflected on the top left of your account and transaction is completed.
Along the way, feel free to get help by clicking the ‘chat button’ on the bottom right of the website. In case there’s any dispute during the transaction, hit the ‘Dispute’ button. Remitano team will appear to assist.
Strong Reminder 1: Bitcoin price is a highly volatile. Invest only what you can afford to loose.
Strong Reminder 2: You should do your own research to understand more on bitcoin before decided to invest or buy bitcoin. Again, invest only what you can afford to loose.
Strong Reminder 3: Make sure you ensure your bitcoin is secured.

photo credit: Bitcoin via photopin (license)

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PTPTN Repayment: How To Check PTPTN Pin Number or Nombor Pinjaman? – Part 2

Based on my post earlier on how to check PTPTN Pin Number or ‘Nombor Pinjaman’, there were quite a number of response and inquiries. Since the post was published more than 2 year ago, today I decided I should update a new post on how to check for PTPTN pin number.
So, I called up the PTPTN Careline @ ‘Pusat Khidmat Pelanggan’ today. The step-by-step on how to retrieve my PTPTN pin number as below:
1) Call PTPTN Careline @ ‘Pusat Khidmat Pelanggan’ at 03-2193 3000 (You will be greeted by auto attendant system);
2) Within a short while, I was connected to a PTPTN Careline officer;
3) I told her I would like retrieve my  PTPTN pin number or ‘Nombor Pinjaman’;
4) She asked for my NRIC;
5) She asked for my full name for verification;
6) Then, she gave me my 5 digits PTPTN pin number.
The whole process only took about 1 minute! Also, if you browse PTPTN Careline website,  you can also see a list of name and details (designation, mobile phone number and email address) of the PTPTN officers for PTPTN Careline section. Most importantly, the PTPTN careline is available daily (monday-sunday), 8am-10pm.  I am truly impressed! Great job to PTPTN team!
Photo credit: PTPTN

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PTPTN Repayment: How To Check PTPTN Pin Number or ‘Nombor Pinjaman’?

I remember there was one time which I wanted to log in to check my online PTPTN account statement (Penyata Pendidikan Konventional) but I had forgotten my PTPTN Pin Number and the PTPTN letter with the log in pin was at another location. Since that incident, I saved my PTPTN Pin Number or ‘Nombor Pinjaman’ in my smartphone.

Anyway, other than referring to the letter from PTPTN which come with the pin number or ‘Nombor Pinjaman’ you also can check the pin number or ‘Nombor Pinjaman’ by calling PTPTN hotline, 03-2080 4455 03-21933000. This is the fastest and easiest way to get the PTPTN ‘Nombor Pinjaman’ for you to log in to PTPTN Epay website. Just follow the steps below, then you’ll be able to get your ‘Nombor Pinjaman’ in a minute:

1) Call to PTPTN hotline, 03-2080 4455 03-21933000

(You will be attended by auto attendant system)

2) Choose option 4 for Inquiries on ‘Nombor Pinjaman’;
3) Choose option 1 for Mycard holder;
4) Enter your 12 digits Mycard number followed by #. Example, 880512019989#;
5) Choose option 1 to get your ‘Nombor Pinjaman’;
6) Get ready your pen and paper because within a few seconds, the auto attendant will let read out your 5 digits ‘Nombor Pinjaman’.

Simple and I think it is available 24 hours because I called at 10pm and still able to get my ‘Nombor Pinjaman’. From my latest checking, operation hours is mon-fri, 8am-7pm and sat-sun, 8am-5pm, public holiday will be closed.

Hope the above helps!

photo credit: PTPTN Epay.

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How Much Do You Know About Unit Trust?

I know 88% about unit trust. How I got this score is through a quiz on Malaysian Investor website. Out of 9 questions, I scored 8 correct answers. Quite ok I guess :p Though I had been started reading on unit trust for the past few years, there are still a lot more to learn.
For those who are new to unit trust investment, you can check out the website and complete the quiz yourself. Most of the questions are basic knowledge on unit trust. If the answer is wrong, don’t worry. The quiz will tell you the correct answer and with proper explanation.Would be better if you can read more on unit trust before start any of your unit trust investment. Don’t rush for the investment and later regret on that investment.
Enjoy the quiz.

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Financial Fitness Test

Is yearly health screening test in your 2009 appointment list? If yes, perhaps you need to set another appointment for your financial screening test with your financial advisers. Or, you can check your financial screening test at Financial Fitness Test, a selftest from Agency Kaunseling dan Pengurusan Kredit (AKPK) or Credit Counseling and Debt Management Agency. By answering 11 simple questions, you will know how fit is your financial health. Remember to provide an honest answer for each question in order to get a more accurate result.
I hope you will have good results. If no, don’t worry. It’s never too late to improve your financial fitness. Do try it out!

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