How To Top Up Manulife PRS via Maybank2u (2017)

Earlier this week, I got frustrated when I wish to top up my Manulife PRS investment through Maybank. I’ve done that before and I did shared on my previous post. It was simple and quick and easy too. But this time, when I wish to do my transfer, I saw additional details which is PRS account number. Not a problem because I have my PRS account number. But, the transaction was unsuccessful. The error message mentioned ‘Unsuccessful – Invalid bill account/reference number. Rejecte Code: [0087]. I tried for second and third time, but still failed. At last, I called my agent and told her the issue I faced. I sent her the error page and she told me to remove the last 2 character of my PRS account number [PRS account number consist of 12 characters XXXXXXXXXX-X. I just omit the last 2 character ‘-X’]. Finally, my transaction is successful. She reminded me to send her my Maybank online transaction slip, together with a print screen to proof that the Maybank account holder is under my name. Because she told me, this year onward, third party is not allowed for payment of PRS investment. Something related to anti money laundering act.

There comes the second problem. Because a friend of mine had transferred her fund to me so that I can assist her to top up her PRS investment. Previous year, I had successfully helped her to top up her fund too. Due to the anti money laundering act, I had to transferred back the fund to her, so that she can do IBG from her own bank account to PRS Maybank account. Quite troublesome.

Luckily I had contacted my agent earlier when my bank transfer was unsuccessful, and she advised me that I will not be able to help my friend to top up her fund through my bank transaction. Even if I can successfully transferred the fund, the fund will not be updated to  my friend PRS account due to different bank account name vs PRS account name.

So, lesson learned:

1) First, check with PRS agent before performing any transaction;

2) Online top up must be through PRS account holder name only. No third party is allowed;

3) Alternatively, PRS member can choose to deposit cash but the original bank-in slip must be submitted to the agent.

photo credit: Senior Guidance Piggy bank with dollar bills via photopin (license)

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Tips and Tricks: Learn to Sell Bitcoin in Malaysia through Remitano

Recently, I’ve sold some of my bitcoin through Remitano. Here are a few things I learned:

1) Do not sell huge amount but separate it into a few minimal transaction. So that, in case anything happened to a particular transaction, amount lose is minimal. When I mentioned ‘anything’, it can mean: system down during halfway transaction, buyer fraud case, failed to log-in, etc…
2) Practice to occasionally log-in to Remitano or your preferred bitcoin exchange. If possible try to log in on daily basis. Have a look at the active buyers and sellers. This can some how eliminate the bad guys. But, again, a genuine buyer yesterday does not meant a genuine buyer today especially if it involves a huge amount of bitcoin. Word of caution, there will always be someone who is always thinking of ‘quick profit’ by clicking ‘dispute’ button even there’s no dispute, with a hope that you will get panic and click the ‘I have received payment’ button, and he can run away with your bitcoin.
3) When a seller or buyer click dispute even there is no dispute, do not get panic. Get help by using the ‘chat’ button at the bottom right of Remitano website. Do not simply click any button.

4) Among my trades, in one particular transaction, a buyer click ‘dispute’ button and at the same time he sent a message through Remitano that he needed more time to transfer the fund as he said he’s driving and requested for additional 10 minutes. If this happened, never click ‘I have received payment’ button because I don’t think this guy is genuine and he’s not going to pay me. By the way, I waited for him to transfer the payment and Remitano support also requested him to transfer the payment  because he exceeded the time allowed  but he failed to send proof of payment. I chat with Remitano for support and finally he cancelled the trade. Note: as a seller, I will not be able to cancel the trade. Only buyer can cancel the trade. No matter what, stay calm. When the buyer think that he wont be able to cheat your bitcoin away, he will cancel the trade and your bitcoin will be returned to you.

5) In another trade, a buyer said he had made payment to me. But, I didn’t received payment at all. Again, this buyer clicked ‘dispute’ button. I got help by chatting with Remitano team. Finally this buyer cancel the trade and my frozen bitcoin is transferred back to me. Note: when trade is active, the bitcoin is frozen for that particular trade. when the trade is successful, the bitcoin will be transferred to the buyer. Else, it will be returned to the seller.

In a summary, must ensure and ensure that you’ve confirmed received the payment before click the button ‘I have received payment’. Because once you’ve clicked on ‘I have received payment’ no one will be able to help you to retrieve back you bitcoin. This is not only applicable for Remitano, but other bitcoin exchange too.

The disadvantage when I met these unlucky trades, I lost the opportunity to trade at my preferred bitcoin price. When I got stuck with ‘dispute’ button, it made me angry too. I had to wait till buyer cancel the trade, only then can choose to trade with a different buyer.

Again, anyone buying bitcoin, must be ready to lose it all. If you think you can’t afford to lose it, you better don’t buy bitcoin.

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webe Mobile Unlimited Data @ RM79/month Review

Nowadays, I can’t live without Internet. I need to be ‘online’ most of the time. I need Internet to complete my work, to communicate with my friends and family, and I need Internet for leisure reading. Even my 1 year old baby also loves to watch youtube. So, unlimited data is important for me.
When webe first launched its unlimited data mobile postpaid plan, I am among the early users. Had been using it for more than a year now. So far I am happy with it. Webe mobile is even better now with free 10GB hotspot tethering at LTE coverage area. 
In term of speed of webe mobile, based on my own testing in Kuching (Sarawak), I managed to get between 6Mbps – 43Mbps for download and between 3Mbps – 11Mbps for upload. Personally, I am happy with these speeds. Again, the speed varies depends on the location and at best effort.
If you’re someone who need unlimited mobile data (be it for work purpose, or for watching Korean dramas), webe mobile will be the best solution for you. Register now at webe website before it’s too late. Not to worry because there’s no contract involved. So, subscriber are free to terminate or switch out to other telcos anytime.

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How To Check if You Are Blacklisted by PTPTN?

Are you a PTPTN borrower? Have you graduated? If your answer is ‘Yes’ for both questions, my next question would be ‘Have you start paying your PTPTN study loan?’ I hope your answer is ‘Yes’ too. Else, you might get blacklisted by PTPTN. And if you get blacklisted by PTPTN, your name will be under Travel Blacklist too, which means that you are not allowed to travel outside of Malaysia. 

Imagine you and your family had been preparing for the dream winter vacation in Hokkaido, Japan. While at the International Departure immigration clearing gate, you steadily handed in your NRIC and passport but then you received the shock of your life when the officer tells you that your name is blacklisted and you are not allowed to leave the country. You got angry, frustrated, ashamed, devastated.. You can have all the feeling but it is useless because you will need to make arrangement to settle your PTPTN study loan.

To avoid this from happening, you must check with  PTPTN if you are under PTPTN blacklist. There are 4 ways to check if you are under PTPTN blacklist:

Just enter your 12 digit NRIC numbers (without dash). If you see the status is ‘Tiada Halangan’ (No restriction), it means you are not barred from leaving the country. 

3) Call PTPTN Careline at 03-21933000 (operation hour: Mon-Sun, 8am-10pm)

4) Visit to your nearest PTPTN office or Immigration Department office. Also notice that there is PTPTN office at KLIA2 (operation hour: Mon-Sun, 24hours). 

If you suspect your name is under PTPTN blacklist, I suggest it is best to call PTPTN Careline or walk in to your nearest PTPTN office. Of course, the best would be start paying your PTPTN study loan. If you are not able to do so, talk and find a solution with PTPTN officer. Be a responsible rakyat!

photo credit: quinn.anya Student debt ruined me! via photopin (license)

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Step-by-step on How To Buy Bitcoin in Malaysia

Recently I have been doing some intensive reading on bitcoin. I am still a newbie and there are still a lot to learn about bitcoin. After some consideration, I decided to invest in bitcoin. I shared below step-by-step on how to buy bitcoin in Malaysia:
1) Open an account at Remitano – one of the many available bitcoin exchange in Malaysia.(note: referral link)
2) Look at ‘List of Sellers’. Do some ‘study’, pick a favorable seller (I choose the same banker with me to ease online transaction). Take note of minimum and maximum bitcoin available for preferred seller. Take note that you have sufficient balance in your bank account and also take note of your transfer limit so that you will can smoothly transfer your money to the seller within given timeframe.
3) Get ready your BTC address (You can have it under tab ‘BTC Wallet’ -> ‘Deposit’. Your BTC address is the string of alphabet and numbers). Make sure you provide the accurate BTC address because the transaction is unreverse-able. Always play safe and double-check.
4) Click on the preferred seller to see more details. Once you are confident, paste your BTC address and hit ‘Buy BTC’.
5) You will be able to see the  payment details of the transaction.
6) You will have 15minutes (timer is running) to complete the payment (online banking).
7) Once you made the payment through online banking, click ‘I have paid seller’ button.
8) Seller has 3 minutes (timer is running) to transfer the bitcoin to your Remitano account.
9) Once the bitcoin is transferred to your Remitano account, you will be able to see the new bitcoin balance reflected on the top left of your account and transaction is completed.
Along the way, feel free to get help by clicking the ‘chat button’ on the bottom right of the website. In case there’s any dispute during the transaction, hit the ‘Dispute’ button. Remitano team will appear to assist.
Strong Reminder 1: Bitcoin price is a highly volatile. Invest only what you can afford to loose.
Strong Reminder 2: You should do your own research to understand more on bitcoin before decided to invest or buy bitcoin. Again, invest only what you can afford to loose.
Strong Reminder 3: Make sure you ensure your bitcoin is secured.

photo credit: Bitcoin via photopin (license)

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PTPTN Repayment: How To Check PTPTN Pin Number or Nombor Pinjaman? – Part 2

Based on my post earlier on how to check PTPTN Pin Number or ‘Nombor Pinjaman’, there were quite a number of response and inquiries. Since the post was published more than 2 year ago, today I decided I should update a new post on how to check for PTPTN pin number.
So, I called up the PTPTN Careline @ ‘Pusat Khidmat Pelanggan’ today. The step-by-step on how to retrieve my PTPTN pin number as below:
1) Call PTPTN Careline @ ‘Pusat Khidmat Pelanggan’ at 03-2193 3000 (You will be greeted by auto attendant system);
2) Within a short while, I was connected to a PTPTN Careline officer;
3) I told her I would like retrieve my  PTPTN pin number or ‘Nombor Pinjaman’;
4) She asked for my NRIC;
5) She asked for my full name for verification;
6) Then, she gave me my 5 digits PTPTN pin number.
The whole process only took about 1 minute! Also, if you browse PTPTN Careline website,  you can also see a list of name and details (designation, mobile phone number and email address) of the PTPTN officers for PTPTN Careline section. Most importantly, the PTPTN careline is available daily (monday-sunday), 8am-10pm.  I am truly impressed! Great job to PTPTN team!
Photo credit: PTPTN

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Malaysia IRB @ LHDN: Income Tax Relief for Assessment Year 2017@ 2018 Tax Filling

It is now towards the last quarter of 2017. In less than 2 months time, we will be leaving 2017 and welcoming 2018. Time flies. It is also time for us to have a look at our financial plan including to have a picture of our yearly income tax assessment. It is better for us to do earlier so that we have sufficient time to plan and act on what to spend and what not to spend.
For income tax assessment year 2017, there are some changes and additional items on tax relief compare to assessment year before. The changes and additional tax relief for assessment year 2017 as below:
1) Tax Relief for ‘Lifestyle’ Limited to RM2500 for:
  (i) Purchase of books journals, magazines, printed newspaper and other similar publications (except banned reading materials) for self, spouse or child;
 (ii) Purchase of a personal computer, smartphone or tablet for self, spouse or child;
(iii) Purchase of sports equipment for any sports activity as defined under the Sports Development Act 1997 (excluding motorized two-wheel bicycles) and gym memberships for self, spouse or child; and
(iv) Payment of monthly bill for internet subscription
2) Tax Relief for ‘Purchase of breastfeeding equipment’ Limited to RM1000
3) Tax Relief for ‘Child care fees to a Child Care Centre or a Kindergarten’ Limited to RM1000
For assessment year 2017, item (1)(iv) is a ‘come back’ from year 2010-2015. Item (2) and (3) are something new compare to assessment year before. For purchase of personal computer, previously was RM3000 and only once in every 3 years. 
The full list of Tax Relief for Resident Individual is available at IRB@LHDN website. For additional details, you might be interested to check out Malaysian Tax Booklet here.
Hope the above will guide you in your 2017 tax planning, especially on tax relief.

photo credit: wuestenigel Calculator , close up via photopin (license)

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Technology Killing Work Opportunities

In recent years, more and more transaction goes online – ebanking, online shopping, online renewal of services, travelling arrangement and many more. 20 years ago, we would need to queue and get a number before we can deposit our cash or before we can get our air ticket.  Nowadays, we can deposit our cash either through the machine or with just a few clicks. No more queue. And much less human touch.

Also noticed that, more and more local financial institutions are merging up. After merging up, relocation of outlets will happen. Some less important outlets will be closed down and staff relocated. Headcount freeze. Existing employee will need to take up multiple roles and encouraged to multitask.

The technology that we have today are making our life much more convenient and simpler. But, at the same time, it is also killing work opportunities. In the near future, companies will only need to employ a few employees for monitoring all the technology automation.

I start to wonder. What will happen when my baby is ready to join the workforce?

Can we stop all these? No. There’s no way we can stop all these from happening. Instead, things will move faster and faster everyday.

It is time for us to find a balance between all these. And I better start telling my baby not to join the workforce but instead, create a workforce…

photo credit: wuestenigel Girl using smartphone in cafe, laptop in the background via photopin (license)

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