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Physical Gold Price In Kuching

Since the past few months, I had been following my family members to do some physical gold shopping in Kuching, as gifts and accessories for my wedding. We had been to a few locations. For most gold shops, the published gold price is about RM125 per gram for 916 yellow gold (between June 2009 to Sept 2009). But, the shop owners always willing to give a certain discount if you asked for it. The lowest I got is RM116 per gram.
When purchasing for physical gold, make sure you not only look at the price per gram but also the quality of the gold and the labour charge. Try to look for shops referred by others to ensure that the gold is with original quality. For labour charge, some shops published their gold price quite low, but will charge the labour charge quite expensive. So, it’s wise to do some survey before deciding on your final purchase.
Note: One of the famous place for gold shopping in Kuching is the street near the Main Post Office and the few gold shops in front of Waterfront. There are also other gold shops in Satok, India Street and some shopping complex.

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  1. Super Tanker, try to ask around for referral. Or look for long established gold shops. You question made me wonder if there's a scientific way to verify the purity of the gold ;p I am not if there's anyone in Kuching provide such a service ;p

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