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About The Money Magnet

Do you find it awkward to talk about money such as personal finance with people around you?

You are not alone.

Personal finance is one of the most crucial skills in a person’s life.

But at school, we only learn mathematics and probably economics and business lessons. We’ve not learned how to properly manage our money.

Here on The Money Magnet, I write about money. I share how I manage my personal finance so that I can use money as a tool to enjoy my life while preparing for a better tomorrow.

Among the topics I covered:

  • Everyday money tips
    • legit ways to earn extra money.
    • how to save money without sacrificing the quality of life.
  • My investments
    • maximizing the return from the robo-advisor, cryptocurrency, gold investment, unit-trust and fixed deposit.
  • My financial expenses as I navigate motherhood
    • how I prepare myself financially for a child.
    • getting the right insurance policy for my child.
  • Challenges in the workplace
    • deciding between employment or self-employed.
    • dealing with retrenchment at workplace as an employee.
  • My retirement planning
    • tips on growing my EPF savings even when I am self-employed.
    • investing in Private Retirement Fund (PRS).

A huge part of the sharing in this blog is based on my personal experience. While some are practical personal finance guides shared by others including personal finance gurus both locally and abroad.

How The Money Magnet can benefit you?

I consider myself a careful and rational person, especially when dealing with money matters such as investment decisions. I only invest in opportunities when I am well aware of the risks involved.

With that said, I hope my stories on The Money Magnet:

1. Minimize your learning cost

I believe the most valuable experience is to experience it by ourselves. But, it can be expensive. The second best experience is a genuine experience shared by someone else who had been through the experience.

In this personal finance blog, you’ll find my sharing (and personal tips) on those investments which I am using. Some of these investments are cryptocurrency, robo-advisor, cash management funds, unit trust and also fixed deposits.

Other experience worth mentioning are EPF i-Saraan and EPF Self Contribution.

You’ll also find promo codes or referral links (for services or products that come with the referral programs) in this blog. Usually, the promo codes or referral links are attached to the review of the service or product itself.

Some of these are:

These promo codes either give you a sign-up bonus or discounted fees. So, you’ll enjoy rewards when registering through my referral code or referral link.

3. Let you have a peek at a certain type of investment before you jump in

You can have a look at some of my investment portfolios including gold investment, robo-advisor StashAway and unit trust funds.

Usually, I share a print screen when I am allowed to do so.

4. Solve some of your burning financial-related questions

I share my views on some financial-related questions such as:

  • how to maximize income tax relief;
  • how to pay less insurance premium;
  • tips to grow a bigger retirement fund.

Let’s join me in my journey to make better financial decisions for a richer life. And let’s talk about money matters openly – without judgement. Just unique opinions.

About Michelle Liew YL

Michelle Liew, the founder of The Money Magnet - a personal finance blog based in Malaysia.

I am an average Malaysian living an average life, based in Kuching, Sarawak.

With a degree in Cognitive Science and an employment background in the telecommunication industry, I never see myself as a personal finance expert.

But in my twenties, I learned the importance of budgeting and managing my money. Later, I found joy in sharing what I learned on my blog.

Long story short, after spending more than a decade in full-time employment, I am currently taking an extended break from work. The main reason is to spend valuable time with my young son while giving myself time to slow down and reassess my life.

When time permits, I write and create content on The Money Magnet.

If you value genuine personal finance sharing, subscribe to my blog for the latest post.