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How to Top Up PRS Online? (with complete guide)

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In this post, I will be sharing how to top up PRS online through PPA (Private Pension Administrator) site.

Previously, my PRS top-up was using Maybank online transfer. Whereby I had to email the transaction slip to my PRS advisor. So that she can submit the slip to the Manulife PRS team to ensure proper updates.

The process was not difficult. But I would say, not very convenient as there are additional steps involved.

So, in early 2018, when PPA launched the PRS online enrollment, I was excited about the good news. With PRS online enrollment, instead of signing up through PRS advisors, Malaysians can now do it by themselves online.

Other than online enrollment, existing PRS members like me also can choose to top up additional contributions online.

In other words, instead of using my previous way of top-up PRS through Maybank online, I can now do it through the PPA website.

If you wish to top up your PRS online through PPA, read through my step-by-step guidelines below.

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How to top up PRS online through PPA?

For a new user, there are quite a number of steps involved.

But, do not worry because these additional steps are required to create your username and password. Upon successfully creating your username and password, you can use them for future login.

The step-by-step for first-time login is as below:

1. Go to PPA main page

Click the Login/Top Up button on the top right as shown below:

Login/Top Up button on PPA's PRS online top up website.
Login/Top Up button on PPA’s PRS Online Top Up website

2. You will be directed to PRS Member Portal

The directed page is shown below:

PRS member portal's welcome page.
PRS member portal’s welcome page

Since you are a new user, click on FIRST TIME LOGIN as shown above.

This is the step required to create a username and password for future login.

3. First-time login page

Then, you will arrive at PPA Member Portal for first-time login as below.

login to PPA Member's Portal for the first time by entering User ID and telephone number.
PPA Member’s Portal first-time login page

On the First Time Login page, you are required to key in your User ID and Telephone Number.

Please take note that the User ID is your PPA account number.

You can easily retrieve the PPA account number from communications with PPA such as the official letter or email from PPA when you first signed up for your PRS investment.

As for me, I found my PPA account number from a PPA email on PPA Annual Consolidated Statement in 2014.

I noticed that from 2015 onward, PPA no longer attach the statement in the email.

Instead, PRS members will need to access the Annual Consolidated Statement via logging in to their PPA online account. This means that if you enrolled on PRS in 2014 and onward, you won’t be able to get the PPA account number from your email history.

Nevertheless, you can easily call PPA at 1300 131 772 or write to them at [email protected] for assistance.

Basically, my PPA account number, it is PPA with my 12 digits NRIC. For example, PPA123456789012.

As for the telephone number, it is the phone number that you had filled in when you first enrolled for PRS.

Based on my own experience, I failed to log in when I tried with my mobile number 01XXXXXXXX. But, when I tried with 601XXXXXXXX, I managed to activate it.

4. First Time login activation email

Once you’ve successfully entered the correct User ID and Telephone Number, you will see the screen below.

And an email will be sent to your email address which you entered when you first enrolled for PRS investment.

PRS member portal showing a notification has been sent to your email.
Check your email for PPA notification

5. Check for an email from PPA

You will receive an email from PPA with the sender as Ask PPA <[email protected]> with the subject  PPA Member ID Account Activation.

The email contains the login ID and most importantly, the activation password for first-time login.

You will just need to follow the instruction in the email to log in using the login ID and activation password.

Refer to the print screen below.

Login to the PRS member portal using the user ID and password from email notification.
Login to the PRS member portal

6. Reset the Password to your own password

The next step will be to reset the login password to your own password.

Reset password to your own password.
Reset the password to your own password

After that, you can log in to the PPA PRS member portal to perform an online top-up.

The remaining step-by-step to top up PRS online is as below.

7. Log in to the PPA PRS member portal

When you are at the PRS member portal, select the Top-Up tab and choose Contribution. Refer to the print screen as below.

PPA website with a dropdown option including Top up PRS online.
Top Up PRS online through PPA

8. Enter contribution amount

Here, you will be able to see your last 3 PRS contributions. At this step, you need to enter the amount you wish to top up.

As of the time of writing, there’s an administration fee of RM0.50 per transaction.

Print screen as below.

Entering contribution details on the PRS member portal.
Entering the top-up amount

9. Choose your preferred FPX Bank

Once you’ve entered the top-up amount, the next thing will be choosing your preferred bank for FPX transfer.

Do take note that you need to have access to your online banking for this purpose.

The list of available banks for FPX transfer.
Choose your preferred bank for FPX transfer

10. Confirm your payment

Followed by the next step which you will need to confirm your payment.

Before clicking on the Pay button, it is important to double-check all transaction details.

PRS payment confirmation page.
Payment confirmation page

11. Connecting to your preferred bank portal

Connecting to Maybank for FPX transaction.
Connecting to the preferred FPX bank

At this step, you will be connected to your online baking based on your preferred bank earlier.

You will need to log in to your online banking and confirm the payment.

12. Acknowledgement from PPA

Upon completion of payment through your preferred online banking, you will receive an email notification from PPA.

Based on the PPA member portal, it takes about 3 working days for the PRS provider to notify its member of the transaction.

With these simple steps, you’ve successful top up your PRS investment online.

Benefits of top-up PRS online

Below are some of the benefits of top-up PRS online.

1. Convenience

Needless to say, making PRS contribution online is very convenient. You can do it during your lunch break from your office cubicle.

Or, you can do it in the comfort of your home after office hours or during the weekend.

The online top-up service is available daily from 12:30 am to 11:30 pm.

2. Simple and easy

It is also simple and easy to make PRS contributions online.

As long as your PRS account is an active account, there should not be an issue registering for PRS online.

There are reliable and useful user guides provided for first-time login and top-up too.

So, you won’t get lost along the way.

In case you need assistance, as mentioned above, you can easily reach PPA at 1300 131 772 or write to them at [email protected].

Important notes before top-up PRS online

And below are two important things to take note of before you perform an online contribution.

1. No third-party transaction is allowed

The PRS online top-up is not for the third party. This means that the PRS owner needs to top up from his or her own online banking.

The transaction will not be successful if you use someone else online banking to top up your PRS.

2. Administration fee imposed

At the time of writing, there is an administration fee of RM0.50 to be added to the final contribution amount.

For example, if I wish to top up RM100.00, my total payment during FPX will be RM100.50.

Final thoughts

It is great that now PPA has introduced PRS online. It does make the PRS enrollment and top-up much easier. Hopefully, very soon PPA will further enhance PRS online with other features such as online withdrawal, switching or transfer of PRS funds.

One last point, even though it is online and convenient, please don’t top up your PRS online during the last minute or on the last day of the year.

To ensure success and trouble-free transactions, try to do it at least two weeks earlier before the new year. In case there is an issue, you still have sufficient time to do adjustments and corrections.

If you have not done your PRS contribution, why not try to make your PRS contribution online?

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2 thoughts on “How to Top Up PRS Online? (with complete guide)”

  1. Hi Just want to know how many days will take in our account when top up on PPA website?
    And the publicbank will charges 5.5% if top up on PPA website will Free?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Ms Lee, according to PPA website, for PRS online top up, it can take up to 3 working days for PRS provider to update into PRS member’s account.

      As for the sales charges, it varies from one PRS provider to the other provider. You can check the fees at PPA website https://www.ppa.my/prs-providers/fees-comparison/.

      And I think you meant Public Mutual sales charge.

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