I must apologise for being inactive for the past 2 years. The reason behind is I am now a mum of a sweet 1 year old. I must also say that I missed blogging terribly. But, somehow, my mind become blank even though I have a lot to share. 

So, let me start with sharing a simple post of cost of confinement lady in Kuching. I’ve started to ask around for confinement lady during my first trimester. Heard about some scary sharing from friends and internet on poor attitude of confinement lady which caused new-mum more headache. I was lucky because my bro-in-law’s relative is a confinement lady. We arranged for a short meeting with the confinement lady and placed my booking fee. The charges was RM3800 + an angpao for the confinement lady. She turned out to be a helpful and kind confinement lady who took good care of me, my baby and  my hubby for one whole month. From sharing with friend, relatives and other confinement lady, the charges for one whole month service by a confinement lady range from RM3800 to RM5000 + an angpao. For my confinement lady, the angpao is up to me, there’s no specific amount. For some other confinement lady, they might put a specific request, for example RM200. I met other new mums who shared that they pay half of what I paid for a day-time confinement lady, meaning the confinement lady only take care of mummy and baby during day time.

Anyone who’s interested to contact my confinement lady, feel free to send me an email.

photo credit: Renate Bomm Cumpleaños de hoy via photopin (license)