In recent years, more and more transaction goes online – ebanking, online shopping, online renewal of services, travelling arrangement and many more. 20 years ago, we would need to queue and get a number before we can deposit our cash or before we can get our air ticket.  Nowadays, we can deposit our cash either through the machine or with just a few clicks. No more queue. And much less human touch.

Also noticed that, more and more local financial institutions are merging up. After merging up, relocation of outlets will happen. Some less important outlets will be closed down and staff relocated. Headcount freeze. Existing employee will need to take up multiple roles and encouraged to multitask.

The technology that we have today are making our life much more convenient and simpler. But, at the same time, it is also killing work opportunities. In the near future, companies will only need to employ a few employees for monitoring all the technology automation.

I start to wonder. What will happen when my baby is ready to join the workforce?

Can we stop all these? No. There’s no way we can stop all these from happening. Instead, things will move faster and faster everyday.

It is time for us to find a balance between all these. And I better start telling my baby not to join the workforce but instead, create a workforce…

photo credit: wuestenigel Girl using smartphone in cafe, laptop in the background via photopin (license)