This post has been long delayed. I must apologize for it. But, I still wish to share with all my reader especially those who plan to give birth at Sarawak General Hospital (SGH).

So, YES, my baby was born at Sarawak General Hospital via emergency caesarean section or c-section in June 2016. It was an experience I will never forget. The decision to give birth at Sarawak General Hospital instead of other medical centers in Kuching was due to:

  1. The nature of my pregnancy which was placenta pravia, which I hope I will share in another different post. It is a rare and dangerous pregnancy condition whereby the placenta grows in the lowest part of the womb. In normal pregnancy placenta grows at the top of the uterus.
  2. I was diagnosed with acute appendicitis at 18 weeks of my pregnancy. My specialist immediately wrote a refer letter to Sarawak General Hospital because she shared that Sarawak General Hospital will be more experience in handling acute appendicitis during pregnancy. Also, she told me, it is very unlikely my insurance will cover my appendicitis surgery should I decided to do it at private medical center because I was pregnant. The surgery cost at private medical center range from about RM6k to RM8k.
  3. Hubby and me had spent a huge amount of our savings in the past few years for a baby, including treatment at Sarawak General Hospital. So, we have our records there and these doctor call my baby ‘precious baby’. We also hope to save some money from delivery charges.

So, how much did I spent for delivery of my baby at Sarawak General Hospital? The details as below:

  • Caj Duduk Wad Kelas 3 (11 days @ air condition room, 3-person sharing) – due to placenta pravia, I was arranged to admit during my 36th week of my pregnancy: RM3 x 11=RM33.00
  • Ujian Makmal Kumpulan E x 2 (Lab Test): RM14.00
  • Ujian Makmal Kumpulan G x 15 (Lab Test): RM30.00
  • Kardiologi A / CTG x 2: RM10.00
  • Bersalin (Caearean): RM100.00
    Total: RM187.00

These charges also inclusive of my baby paediatric charges.

My hubby and me expected the charges will be quite high because of the emergency c-section.  We also did not ask around for charges at Sarawak General Hospital earlier. So, the charges of RM187.00 is very reasonable with the excellent service  provided by all the specialists, doctors, nurses and support staffs at Sarawak General Hospital.

Before I was admitted to Sarawak General Hospital, I was a quite worried because I heard many not so good comment from friends about the giving birth or delivery services at Sarawak General Hospital. But, I was surprised that they really took good care of me throughout my stay at SGH and I would say the provided me with an excellent service:

  1. air condition room
  2. continuous monitoring by experienced specialist, doctors and nurses
  3. fast and prompt action when I was bleeding and required emergency c-section
  4. friendly and professional team

The only disadvantage would be parking space for my husband and relatives who came and visited me. For SGH visitors, I am sure you know how hard it is to find a parking space. Even paid parking space also can be hard to find. Of course the food provided are the normal food. I was lucky because some days, my husband or my mum or sister in law will bring home cook food for me. At government hospital, we can’t expect to be pampered. But, I was very happy with the kind service provided by all the team from maternity ward.

Also, taking this opportunity to thank all SGH maternity ward team who had involved in welcoming my baby. Keep up the good work!

For those who have had experience giving birth at Sarawak General Hospital or other government hospital, feel free to share your comment below. Hopefully, these sharing will be beneficial to all mommies or mommies-to-be.

photo credit: Natesh Ramasamy Happy Foot!!! via photopin (license)